Using artificial intelligence to animate our children’s drawings is possible!

Meta offers a way to bring our children’s drawings to life using artificial intelligence (AI), whether on a laptop, smartphone or tablet. In a fraction of a second, it is now possible to make the drawn character walk, jump and even dance!

Even if it is quite simple for an adult or a parent to recognize what is drawn by their child, it is a little less so for artificial intelligence…

…Until this day.

Artificial intelligence researchers at Meta have found a way to animate human-looking characters with their demo called Animated Drawings.

Thanks to Animated Drawings, it is possible to animate the drawings of your children.

How to bring your child’s drawings to life?

First of all, what you need to know about this Meta demo is that it only allows you to animate drawings that look like humans.

The drawn character must therefore have two arms, two legs, a head, etc. Anything abstract, like a chair, cannot be animated by the system.

Also, even though Meta was once known as Facebook, be aware that you don’t need an account associated with the social network to animate drawings.

Steps to animate the character of a drawing

  1. Go to the Animated Drawings site.

You have to go to the Animated Drawings website of Meta.
  1. Download the drawing of the child you want to animate.

Then upload the child’s drawing.
  1. Select the character you want to make “alive”.

3.A. Distinguish the human figure from the background or other figures in the drawing

Select only the character you want to animate.
  1. Make the necessary modifications, if for example the software did not correctly recognize the body parts of the character.

4.A. Separating the character from other parts of the drawing using masks

During this step, we highlight the contours of the character in order to create a model which will then be used to create the animation.

The body parts of the character are then highlighted.

4.B. Detect different parts of the body using AlphaPose

Finally, thanks to AlphaPose, the different parts of the character’s body, such as arms, legs or eyes are identified so that the animation is harmonious.

AlphaPose is used to identify parts of the character’s body.
  1. Make way for animation!

All you have to do is make your character move, either by making him walk, jump or even dance!

You can make your character walk, jump and dance!

Hours of fun!

It is not only possible to record on your computer the different animations where we see the character move, but also to share these animations with the members of our family!

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No more wearing the Hockey Canada colors

Over the past few days, TSN’s excellent fellow Rick Westhead revealed that Hockey Canada members were asked to complete a survey containing controversial questions.

Respondents were asked, among other things, whether the level of media criticism of theHockey Canada location is overdone. And in another question, respondents were asked if, in general, the criticisms leveled at Hockey Canada are overstated.

Across the country, the tenor of this survey has raised an outcry because this consultation very much resembles an operation aimed, once again, at relieving the leaders of Hockey Canada of a horrible decision they made last spring. last.

As a reminder, Hockey Canada officials reached a confidential agreement last May with a young woman alleging that she was sexually assaulted by eight players from Junior Team Canada in the summer of 2018.

Made aware of the alleged assault a few hours after the fact (in 2018), Hockey Canada officials quickly commissioned an external investigation which came to nothing because the leaders of the federation had not forced the players to do so. to participate.

Then when Hockey Canada was hit with a $3.5 million civil lawsuit last May (along with the eight alleged attackers), federation officials scrambled to pull out their checkbooks and settle the matter, which had the direct consequence of protecting the alleged attackers.

Now back to Martin Pronovost, who is the kind of member that all sports federations dream of.

Last season, he was coaching a midget BB (U18) team in Lachenaie when an unexpected event convinced him that he should also get involved as a referee.

I arrived with our team in Deux-Montagnes. It was the first game the boys would play in a year and a half, due to the pandemic. But when we arrived at the arena, the president of Deux-Montagnes minor hockey told us that there would be no game due to a shortage of officials.

I said to myself that this situation did not make sense for young people. And the next day, I gave my name to become a refereehe says.

In addition to joining the brotherhood of knights of the whistle, Martin Pronovost has recruited a dozen new referees in his entourage. His approach notably inspired one of his sons, Félix, to follow suit. Friends of Félix and friends of Martin also decided to get involved and take the leap. Martin Pronovost’s eldest son, Jérôme, acts as scorer.

I refereed about sixty matches, at least half of them with Félix. The shortage of officials was such that I refereed matches involving my sons on a few occasions. And once, at the request of the Deux-Montagnes coach, I even refereed a game for the team I was managing because otherwise there would have been no game. It’s been a weird and fun seasonhe says.

Like many people, and like members of Parliament, Martin Pronovost was scandalized last spring when he learned how the leaders of Hockey Canada had tried to settle, on the sly, this story of alleged gang rape.

Spontaneously, he had notably stopped wearing the Hockey Canada cap that he had obtained before the presentation of the World Juniors in December 2021.

Last Tuesday, out of curiosity, he still decided to answer the famous survey that the firm hired by Hockey Canada sent him by email. The whole work, he says, shocked him deeply.

After going through the survey as a whole, it became clear to me that its authors were not looking for the truth. The questions weren’t even subtle. It seemed like a paid survey to get specific results. A verdict allowing the leaders of Hockey Canada to go out into the public square to say: our members support us!

If they had really wanted to know the opinion of the members, they would have asked for it. But instead, questions like: Are you familiar with the Hockey Canada Foundation program? Or: did you know that Hockey Canada has already done such a good deed? It was tied up in such a way as to obtain, in the end, the answers we wanted.

Before asking their members if the crisis gripping Hockey Canada was the result of an exaggeration by the media, politicians or the public, the survey also asked respondentsthey recognized that Hockey Canada had made progress in recent weeks by putting a plan in place.action of thebefore. And if we had to give the organization the chance tocarry out his plan.

They were also asked if they agreed that this plan would ensure that hockey becomes safe and inclusive for everyone. And it was argued that such an incident (gang rape) was unlikely to happen again.

The line of questioning made no sensebelieves Martin Pronovost.

If you want to lecture me on the history or philanthropy of Hockey Canada, do it. But don’t try to pass that on to me in a poll! This operation aims to influence public opinion by taking parents, referees and players for nonoshe complains.

I wrote to them that this survey is a disgrace and that they should be embarrassed to resort to it.

Arbitration has become a father-son activity for Martin Pronovost (right) and his son Félix.

Photo: Courtesy/Martin Pronovost

On the field, many players in minor hockey are wondering how to react to make their dissatisfaction heard. Martin Pronovost chose his. He will cover the Hockey Canada crest that adorns one of the sleeves of his referee jersey with black tape.

Wearing this patch goes against my beliefshe said.

At first, I thought of simply unstitching the crest. But I believe the message will be clearer if I cover it with black tape. It will be more visible and it will perhaps raise more awareness among people who do not know this story.he said.

Martin Pronovost emphasizes that this is a personal initiative. But given his credibility and notoriety in his community, it is not impossible that other officials in his region will follow suit.

My friends will do whatever they want. But I think it would be nice if it could inspire other people involved in minor hockey to make things happen on the field. For example, if a referee from Nova Scotia did the same thing, or an arena manager from a western province removed a Hockey Canada flag, there may be a ripple effect .

Hockey Canada executives cannot have condoned actions like this and believe that life is good. The way they acted doesn’t add uphe says.

There is a wise saying that to have a global impact, you have to know how to think and act locally.

It will be interesting to see if other members of Hockey Canada will follow suit or find their own way, on the field, to get their message across to the leaders of the federation.

Each year the U.S contributes 10 billion dollars to the United Nations. Is it worth it?

This question has alarmed many people with some giving different opinions. We interviewed several civilians in the U.S and here is what one civilian had to say,

“Well for me it’s not worth it because I have not heard of an instance where the U.N gave back to the U.S. We know what’s going on in this hemisphere and everybody should handle his problems his own way”

Another one said

“I think it’s not a bad idea because it’s much more effective in helping other countries that in turn partner with the U.S. if they have the power to do so then let them do it because maybe the U.S government benefits from it in another way”

But basically this is the idea behind the multi-billion help in project. For instance in the recent case with U.S president’s Joe Biden, he supported Ukraine with weapons and additional 1 billion dollar shillings. But why did he do so? Ukraine basically is the leading oil supplier in the U.S. During this war times the pipes that piped oil to the United States were broken. Then suddenly there was a massive shortage of fuel and gas in the U.S with this the American president is trying all he can to make sure that Ukraine gains its victory so that the partnership can continue

The U.S can’t interfere directly because they don’t want to engage themselves on the war and so this was the best way to reach out to Ukraine. And we have seen the fruits of this helping project because Ukrainian soldiers have begun reclaiming its territories.

so if U.S fails to support it the main effect that would curb U.S is a major fuel crisis which would take a lot of time return the country back to normal because the us residents rely on gas.




Las fintech crecen a costa del aumento of credit applications in LATAM

El aumento en las solicitudes de creditos y préstamos en América Latina es aprovechado por las Fintech, que se basan en su naturaleza tecnológica para enfrentar los nuevos scenarios y ocupar huecos que la banca tradicional already en su funcionamiento.

Most of the time that access to financing and credits is maintained as a significant handicap for businesses in the region, financial technology startups have demonstrated their ability to improve their resources to keep increasing and offering solutions.

“Las Fintech dedicadas al universo del credito y el financing surgimos para dimuir la brecha financiera enfrentada por las empresas, pero no nos quedamos ahí. Actualmente somos una opción attractive par compañías que buscan aliados con propuestas integrales y novedosas y, en parte, esto ha impulado el protagonismo de nuestro segmento en Chile y otros pays de la región”, explicó Ricardo Pedraza, Líder de desarrollo de negocio de Tribal para Latinoamerica.

Precisamente, los datos de esta empresa indican que las solicitudes de credito y financiamiento en la región han incrementado en un 40% y la banca tradicional no puede hacer frente sola a este fenómeno, en parte, por variousos factors como la lentitud de approval que demuestran, en tiempos en los que una demora prolongada puede afectar a las empresas, que requieren de mayor celeridad.

Según reports from America Retaila sample of this trend in Chile, in the course of this period, it will be doubled during the second quarter of 2022, in comparison with the first.

Allí, las Fintech has its more than a simple alternative for, in much cases, ser la verdadera solución.

Dentro del mismo sector de la tecnología financiera en ese país, de acuerdo con Radar Fintech e Incumbentes 2021 de Finnovista, el segmento de Préstamos represents el 20% del ecosysteme, seguido por el de pagos y remesas con un 13%.

Between the motivos del auge de las Fintech en el campo de los creditos the rapidity is encountered, stinks in the traditional bank “the tiempos of approval of its largos y muchas veces la inyección de capital que requieren debe ser inmediata”.

Además, las Fintech “han aprovechado la tecnología a su favor para sobresalir frente a la banca tradicional, ofreciendo processes completely digital y a la vez seguros que les ha servido para fidelizar clients y expandir sus horizontes”.

También, aportan soluciones a la medida de los clientses, in many ocasiones en fases de crecimiento en sus empresas en las que requieren de herramientas más flexible y específicas para sus necesidades.

Las fintechs han ganado terreno no solo en LATAM, sino a nivel global, ya que “son entidades 100% digital que no funcionan como los bancos de toda la vida, sino que se apoyan totally en las innovaciones tecnológicas.

The form that you have to relate to the customer is totally digital: the change and the contracting of products is carried out by the web or the app of the entity”, from acuerdo to the explanation of recida by the docent Luis Gascawhich leaves the Masters in Banking and Asesoria Financiera in it CEF.- Center of Financial Studies there University at Distance of Madrid, UDIMA.

“Agregó que hasta hace menos de una década, las institutions bancarias eran los únicos proveedores para tener acceso al capital. Hoy, con la entrada de las fintech al mercado financiero, the range of solutions capable of aligning to the financial necessities that society requires es muy amplia”.

Desde el Grupo Educativo CEF.- Santo Domingovinculado a Fundacion Hergar offers the Maestría in Economic-Financial Direction que tiene como propósitos “dominar y aquierir los conocimiento teóricos y prácticos que t’allowan turner into a professional o directivo capaz de gestionar las actividades de charácter financiero-accountant de la empresa y diseñar la planning de strategias financiersas, también la supervisión de las áreas de Contabilidad y Control de Gestión y Tesorería, así como la repercusión del sistema fiscal en la planning y estrategia de la empresa”.

Jóvenes ven en la venta directa un modo de emprender

In los primeros seis meses de 2022, las dimisiones de trabajadores con contrato indefinido han ido incrementándose hasta alcanzar niveles record, según señalan las estadísticas de affiliación media al Régimen General de la Seguridad Social. Pero su evolución queda superada por el trough de las bajas de trabajadores con un contrato fijo discontinuo.

In 2021 it is appreciated that algo estaba pasando, sobre todo en países como Estados Unidos donde hubo un claro aumento de las dimisiones de trabajadores con empleo fijo. El fenómeno tiene number: the Gran Renuncia or Gran Dimision, a tendency has arisen in the country, with more than 47 million people who have abandoned their work, según data del Departamento del Trabajo del countryde los que se hace eco en una noted la Association of Empresas de Venta Directa (AVD).

In Spain, actualmente, han contabilizado a total of 47.996 bajas per dimision between the afiliados medios al Regime General en los primeros cinco meses del año. Las renuncias aumentan cada día más, y hasta mayo se han contabilizado, 10,951 people that han already voluntarily sus trabajos, aunque no se puede hablar de una Gran Renuncia como en el caso de Estados Unidos, según las estadísticas de affiliación de la Seguridad Social.

Se ha visto, eso sí, que la mayoría de esas bajas son jóvenes, que buscan cambios para profesionalizarse y desarrollarse; to improve the balance between personal and labor life. The generation Millennial busca to acquire new experiences, to conocer, to exchange and to encounter a puesto that los haga feel good, felices. También buscan improve your salary and progress.

Por eso, the sale directa is siendo an alternative to the “Gran Dimisión” and presents itself as an option for the personal and professional desarrollo of los young people from a flexible, independent, heterogeneous dedication in a seguro entorno y con bajo riesgo, según la AVD, que subraya que supone una alternativa a aquellas personas que buscan incorporarse al mercado laboral dirigiendo su propia microempresa con la orientación, la formation y el apoyo que ofrecen empresas de larga trayectoria en el mercado. Además, se trata de un proyecto inclusivo, donde cualquier persona puede desarrollarse como profesional, aggrega.

“El profile que actualmente está en auge entre los nuevos vendedores de venta directa es el del joven emprendedor. Cuentan con estudios universitarios que buscan su primera oportunidad profesional, no solo en lo que han estudiado, sino que también les permits tomar sus propias decisiones y marcarse sus metas”, señalan desde la AVD.

Los jóvenes que se deciden a emprender en venta directa son los perfiles de edad comprehension entre los 26 y 30 años, de acuerdo con la encuesta realizada por la AVD. Also, según señala la encuesta, las mujeres siguen siendo el género que más abunda con un 73% en comparación con los hombres que tan solo un 27% se dedica a la venta directa.

The dedication in this work is 90.8% at partial time, compared to 9.3% at full time. Además, los datos señalan que el 85% de las personas tienen estudios de nivel medio o superior. In el informs is destaca that los young people suppose menos de un 20% de la fuerza de ventas total del sector.

El sector de la Venta Directa has been reinvented and has crecido hasta un 2.8% el pasado ejercicio gracias a la consolidación de un modelo híbrido en España. Según los datos de un estudio llevado a cabo por la Universidad Complutense de Madrid, en nuestro país, la venta directa accumulated a volume of sales of 786 million euros in 2021, thanks to a red of 260,000 independent professionals that allowed superar los 5 ,7 million annual pedidos, with a media of 130 euros por pedido.

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