No, Marie-Christine Bergeron did not slam the door of TVA

When Marie-Christine Bergeron announced her departure from TVA in December 2020, many believed that the journalist was going over to the enemy camp, at Bell Media, which was preparing to inaugurate the newsroom and the brand new newsletters. of Noovo, in the spring of 2021. However, it was nothing. After 22 years occupying just about … Read more

In French ! Episode No. 3435764128

It’s just a rib thing. But we find, concentrated in this anecdote, a summary of the entire linguistic situation in Quebec. At the end of the week, The newspaper informed us that a charity event organized in Montreal, the famous RibFest, was taking place 100% in English only. In the display, just “Best Ribs”, “Best … Read more

Greenlanders welcome idea of ​​mining sand from melting ice

A team of researchers from McGill University, Quebec, published on Thursday (New window)in the review Nature Sustainabilitythe results of a study that focused on the opinion of Greenlanders in relation to the extraction and export of sand that accumulates with the melting of glaciers. To the great astonishment of the team, the majority of those … Read more

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