Hockey Quebec says no to Hockey Canada

“You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs. This is how the president of Hockey Quebec explained the decision of his federation to suspend its dues to Hockey Canada. Claude Fortin now hopes that he will not be alone in turning his back on the national organization. • Read also: Justin Trudeau puts Hockey Canada … Read more

Be prepared to pay fees to use your credit card

These surcharges cannot exceed the fees that financial institutions charge merchants when they accept payment by credit card, according to the rules established by Visa and Mastercard. According to the experts interviewed, these interchange fees vary between 1 and 3% of the amount of the transaction in Canada. Companies that choose to impose a surcharge … Read more

3 natural red wines that warm the soul

Natural wines continue to grow in popularity with Quebec drinkers, who prefer to turn to less and less processed products. As their name suggests, natural wines come from so-called natural vinification, which implies a virtual absence of inputs, such as sulphites, and the participation of indigenous yeasts which are naturally present on the grapes. They … Read more

Govern de Cataluña: Los partidarios de Junts que defienden la ruptura con ERC arrasan en Twitter | Catalonia

El resultado de la votación de Junts per Catalunya sobre el futuro del Govern es aún un misterio. Menos in Twitter. In esta red social los partidarios de romper con Esquerra Republicana arrasan. EL PAÍS has shown the atención that han generado desde el lunes los tuits de 20 políticos de la formation: 10 a … Read more

The place of the Rush group in the heart of Louis-José Houde

You are browsing the Radio-Canada website Skip to main contentGo to footerHelp with navigationStart of main content Start of content The place of the Rush group in the heart of Louis-José Houde 21 minute duration21 mins Comedian and host Louis-José HoudePHOTO: Radio-Canada / Hamza Abouelouafaa “They are inspiring, not just in their songs, but in … Read more

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