No, Marie-Christine Bergeron did not slam the door of TVA

When Marie-Christine Bergeron announced her departure from TVA in December 2020, many believed that the journalist was going over to the enemy camp, at Bell Media, which was preparing to inaugurate the newsroom and the brand new newsletters. of Noovo, in the spring of 2021.

However, it was nothing. After 22 years occupying just about every chair imaginable at TVA and LCN (field reporter, newsreader, host of the Quebec Morning, of Court stories, of I, lark – “You should rather ask me what I didn’t do,” she laughs), Marie-Christine Bergeron, now 44, wanted quality time with her family (her teenagers starting their first and fourth secondary) and other projects, such as documentaries. She felt that she had toured a garden she knew by heart, and wanted to go and see elsewhere if she was there.

The pandemic had also entered him with full force; she had caught COVID-19 in October 2020, at the height of the second wave, and the episode was apparently not a picnic at the park. Her lover also caught the virus and had to be taken to the emergency room.

“I did not leave TVA by slamming the door, I did not leave on bad terms, assures Marie-Christine in conversation with Subway. I was tired and wanted to take a break. I am not an ultra-careerist. I wondered what I felt like doing.”

At work, the COVID-19 context had also forced her and her colleagues to retreat to separate offices, and she missed the characteristic energy of a buzzing newsroom.

“It didn’t sound like me. But I didn’t leave TVA because of COVID either. It’s a mix of many things. I had been thinking about my future for a while. I was 20 when I started at TVA…! (Laughs.) I wanted to put myself in danger and experience something else.”

Marie-Christine Bergeron, in addition to hosting The Wire 17 at Noovo, will present two documentaries, on the Crave and Vrai platforms, in the coming year.
Credit: Monic Richard / Courtesy Bell Media/Noovo

faith in the future

In the past year, when we thought she was taking a deserved sabbatical to take it easy, the communicator cooked up and signed two documentary series that she hosts and directs, the subjects of which she keeps secret for the instant. The first will be available on Crave in November, and the second will land in 2023 on… True, Videotron platform, therefore Quebecor. Proof, Marie-Christine points out, that his relations with his ex-employer have remained cordial.

And it was only last spring that the agreement was finalized with Bell and Noovo, with a view to his airing at the helm of The Wire 17, August 29. An offer she “couldn’t refuse,” she says.

“I still have energy, I still have the fiber of the news. The 5 p.m. bulletin, we can take the day to prepare and design it, whereas I was used to the news on a loop, continuously, at LCN. It’s a polished product that we take the time to make well. Talking to people at dinner time is a special and important moment.

The tone of Marie-Christine Bergeron, in Noovo, will be one “close to people” and “stuck on the news”. She remained, during her time away from the spotlight, the “freak news” that she has always been, constantly connected to all sources of headlines. Even though her offspring believed she would temporarily “drop out”. In vain.

“No matter what network I go to work in, I will not change my tone, personality or looks, she specifies. I remain Alma’s daughter with her accent, which strangely pronounces words in English (laughter). When it’s funny, I laugh. I am a transparent girl, without filter. We are in an era where news readers have the right to be emotional, to rebel, to be saddened or to rejoice in a situation. For me, it’s always been like that. There is nothing more profitable than authenticity.”

Yes, we are bombarded with information from everywhere, on all our devices and at all times of the day, and the lady concedes that currently, “it’s a little harder to get young people”, but the average age of Noovo’s audience is in their mid-40s, she reports. Data that gives him faith in the future, often questioned, of television in our habits of consumption of great titles.

“In a news bulletin, there is a warmth, a discussion, an exchange, a closeness with the public. I think newscasts still really have their place in Quebec. It’s healthy for a society to have different options, in terms of newscasts, news offerings, and that’s something to be happy about.”

Marie-Christine Bergeron is excited in advance for the election evening that she will co-host with her colleague Michel Bherer on October 3, and which will involve several vital forces from Noovo. The one who “tripeon police affairs and focuses on the human dramas behind the investigations is also happy to be able to count on the collaboration of journalist Marie-Michelle Lauzon, who has just left Radio-Canada to take up this new challenge, and who has widely covered this niche in the past.

Opposite Sophie Thibault

By chance, Marie-Christine Bergeron moved to the desk of the Thread 17 while his former colleague Sophie Thibault takes over the same time slot at TVA, in succession to Pierre Bruneau, who retired in June.

With her eyes fixed on her own mission – “I always tell my children to focus on themselves, and not worry about what others are doing” – Marie-Christine does not intend to watch the competition much and business above all to produce a program “the fun To listen”. She is nevertheless happy to see the fairer sex impose itself particularly in information this year, on various networks.

“I have always been surrounded by exceptional female role models, and I have never suffered from being a woman in my work context. Of the three 5 p.m. bulletins in Quebec, two women were nevertheless named. It’s gratifying to see that,” she proudly points out… and, however, refusing to broach the subject of the controversial dismissal of Lisa LaFlamme from CTV by Bell Media, made public last week, and which gave off strong scents of ageism.

And Marie-Christine Bergeron remembers a generous Sophie Thibault who had given her a cell phone call at 11 p.m. of Trois-Rivieres.

“I thought it was my mother. But, no, it was Sophie Thibault who called me to tell me: “Marie, you are excellent, you really have a future!” It gave me wings!”

The Wire 17 with Marie-Christine Bergeron will air on Monday, August 29, at 5 p.m., at Noovo.

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