No fines against homebuilders who raise their prices

The provincial organization created in 2021 received 800 complaints on various topics in one year. A spokesperson explains that it takes time to assess the files.

Allegations of this nature are often complex and our team needs time to thoroughly investigate them.explains Tess Lin.

She adds that the Agency must be fair to all parties.

Retired Gayle Dudeck, who previously worked at the Durham Region Land Registry Office, says she contacted the Office following the cancellation in January of the contract to build her son’s house in Elora, a contract signed the previous year.

She says an investigator took five weeks to email her for her son’s address. Seven months after his initial complaint, no one has yet spoken to his son.

[Mon fil] can’t wait three to five years for it to be fixed. »

A quote from Gayle Dudeck, plaintiff

Buyers need to be better protected, according to Jessica Bell, NDP housing critic.

If you signed a contract with a developer who agreed to build a house at such a price, that contract should be honoured, she says. The Ontario government must ensure that builders honor their contracts.

Zero tolerance

Earlier this month, Premier Doug Ford reiterated his commitment to punish offenders in a press briefing. We will continue to monitor the situation, he said. We will make sure that [les promoteurs] don’t pull the rug under your feet [des acheteurs].

Sebastian Skamski, spokesperson for the Ministry of Public and Business Services, adds that the government has indicated clearly with the measures put in place the consequences that offenders will face, including much higher fines amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars per home and the suspension or cancellation of permits.

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