New mentorship program for women in agriculture

Women remain underrepresented in agriculture. In Ontario, 31% of women work in this field. In Quebec, this proportion is 28%

We are very concerned about the female agricultural successionsays Danik Lafond, general manager of theUCFO.

This is why the organization he represents will offer an individualized mentoring program, called AgriMentor.

A cow at La Gantoise dairy farm in Lefaivre, Eastern Ontario.

Photo: Radio-Canada / David Bates

Interested women farmers can contact us directlyhe says.

For its part, the organization Agricultrices du Québec will also take care of the networking by offering co-development units, explains general manager France De Montigny.

Women farmers will therefore be able to discuss together on professional development, knowledge sharing, problem solving, etc.

Women are underrepresented in agriculture

Historically, women have often been under-represented in agriculture, particularly due to work-family balance.

What I found difficult when I had my children was the inaccessibility to employment insurance, but that concerns all self-employed workers, not just those in agriculture.indicates for her part Delphine Goubau, from the dairy farm La Gantoise, in Lefaivre, in Eastern Ontario.

A farm.

The La Gantoise dairy farm, in Lefaivre, in Eastern Ontario.

Photo: Radio-Canada / David Bates

For Ms. Goubau, who has taken over the reins of the family business, spending time with her children is a challenge. I’m always on call, so on weekends it’s hard to plan activitiesshe says.

Moreover, it is rather her husband who takes care of most of the parental responsibility, because he works not in the agricultural sector but in the field of finance: My case is quite special! said Madame Goubau.

However, she believes that a mentoring program will really encourage women to get into farming, in addition to breaking down the stereotypes that surround the traditional roles attributed to women.

With information from Camille Kasisi-Monet

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