New aluminum recycling center in Arvida

The new center will process scrap from the Montreal area and eastern Ontario.

The announcement was made by Rio Tinto Chief Operating Officer Sebastien Ross.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Myriam Gauthier

The recycled aluminum will help increase billet production at the Arvida plant, which supplies the automotive, packaging and construction industries.

Up to ten new jobs will be created.

Rio Tinto estimates the economic benefits at $30 million, including $19 million in Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean.

Arvida National Union of Aluminum Employees President Donat Pearson welcomes the announcement.

We welcome what was announced today. Is this enough for the future? No, of course we will continue to ask for plant replacement capacities to protect jobs beyond 2025 because at the moment we have no announcementsanalyzed Donat Pearson, president of the National Union of Aluminum Employees of Arvida.

Rio Tinto’s investment plan for the replacement of the pre-fired tanks was expected by the end of the summer. The announcement would now be made in October.

Sixteen vats is always the absolute minimum. There we study to do more. What we would like to announce in a month, a month and a half is the last phase of the feasibility study with X number of tanks, that’s what we’re going to announce. […] And that’s going to open us up to the rest of our plan, namely what we’re going to do. I repeat myself and I reiterate that our growth is going to go through Elysis, so it’s very much linked to when Elysis is going to be ready. For the moment the best scenarios we are considering is 2026 for Elysisexplained the executive director of Atlantic operations of Rio Tinto Aluminum, Sébastien Ross.

In addition, he recalled that the company can continue to operate pre-cooked tanks, considered more polluting, until 2025.

The permit to operate for Arvida is still at the end of 2025 for the momenthe assured.

According to him, Rio Tinto does not intend to request a renewal of the environmental authorization for the precooked products.

It’s not in the cards right now. We’re not completely closed, but it’s not currently in the boxeshe added.

Construction of the recycling center in Arvida will begin in the coming months. Its commissioning is scheduled for 2024.

The announcement was well received, particularly by the regional minister, Andrée Laforest.

This one has a special aspect, because it is a recycling center and it is the first in North America. […] This is extremely positive news and I am sure that at this time it will shine across the world.said the member for Chicoutimi during the press conference.

Surely present for his last Rio Tinto announcement as a deputy, Sylvain Gaudreault, was delighted, but seeing the situation more generally for the Jonquière Complex.

I think it’s a good technology too, because we have to go more and more towards technologies that reduce the carbon impact, but it’s sure that it doesn’t compensate for the pre-cookedsaid the one who will have been MP for Jonquière for 12 years.

Andrée Laforest at the podium in front of spectators during a press conference.

Minister Andrée Laforest was present at the announcement of the new aluminum recycling center in Arvida.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Myriam Gauthier

With information from Catherine Paradis and Myriam Gauthier

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