Montreal Murals

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Grand reopening

large paintings

Have you ever seen large paintings on the walls of Montreal? There are over 250 throughout the city! In particular, you can see them on Saint-Laurent Boulevard or on Ontario and Beaubien streets. There is even a map where you can find all these murals!

Two festivals even celebrate this urban art (of the city). Under Pressure is the oldest event of its kind in North America. MURAL started in 2012 and democratizes (makes it accessible to everyone) urban art.

Decorate the city

Murals have been part of Montreal’s identity for over 20 years. Several local and international artists have created these works: Omen, Bonar, Zilon, Roadsworth…

The municipality wanted to develop the murals to make Montreal an “open-air museum”. A work was produced for the 100e City anniversary on Peel Street: a trompe-l’oeil that changes depending on the angle of view. Another close to the Bell Center was also created to celebrate the Montreal Canadiens hockey team, for example.

A mode of expression

The murals come from the United States. They are part of hip-hop culture, which also includes rap, break (a dance style that is practiced on the floor) or the beatboxing (a way of making music by imitating instruments with your mouth).

All these practices were born in the 60s in New York. The poor populations of the Bronx district have decided to use these different forms of art to express themselves instead of resorting to violence.



Make your Montreal

Do you know what Montreal looked like between 1865 and 1900? You will be able to discover it thanks to the photos of William Notman. Every Sunday, the McCord Museum invites you to take inspiration from its photos to create your own Montreal with magnetic images. Free activity.


Saint Michel

Show at the balconies

Throughout the summer, circus performances will take place directly in the streets of the Saint-Michel district. On the program, you can discover magicians, acrobats or even clowns! Neighborhood parks will also host certain shows. Free.

Courtesy – La Tohu


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