Microsoft makes its 3D emojis freely available for you to customize

The web giant, which launched its 3D emojis on Teams video conferencing software and Windows 11 in February 2021, hopes to encourage people to create more creative and inclusive emojis. Although Microsoft’s icon bank already includes skin tones, and multiple religions and countries are represented, the company believes it can do better.

At Microsoft, in-house designers can’t do everything or see everything, explained Jon Friedman in an interview with the specialized site The Verge. We want to engage the community to help us see and do more things that are globally relevant, that touch people in unique ways.


However, it is not the entire catalog of Microsoft emojis that will be released. The company has decided to keep some of its small images to itself, but will still provide Internet users with some 1,500 emojis to play with.

Among the excluded are Clippy, the unloved paperclip featured in Windows operating systems from the late 1990s through the early 2000s. For people who aspired to create the fleur-de-lis, the Quebec flag, they will be disappointed to learn that the flags attached to a country cannot be personalized. Emojis associated with technologies will also not be accessible.

Clippy replaced the paper clip emoji in Microsoft 365 online services in 2021.

Photo: Microsoft

Legal reasons related to the registered trademarks of the company motivated this choice. We can not open trademarkssaid Jon Friedman in a blog post.

Our community of creators is endlessly imaginative and we can’t wait to see how you’ll push the boundaries, remix our images and turn our emojis into unexpected concepts.said Jon Friedman.

Microsoft’s 3D emojis are already accessible on GitHub, a Microsoft property, and Figma.

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