Matiu in the spotlight at the International Presence Native Festival

After Petikat, his first album launched in 2018, Matiu will release a new opus this fall. This one will be very introspective, having been written during the pandemic. The guy was pretty bored. He was tired of being encabané. It’s my life and my lifehe explains.

The first excerpt, Tipatshimushtunan (tell us), was released in early July, accompanied by a music video including the touching testimony of Manishan Kapesh, a survivor of residential schools.

Matiu was not present when his testimony was recorded; he looked at it later. It was very generous of him to open up like this. It’s a moving storyhe said.

He adds that the Innu part in Tipatshimushtunan tells the story of a young man who wanders in circles in the community: He doesn’t know what his potential is, because he sees nothing but the village. I wanted to show the result of the history of residential schools. When I sing, it’s not the person who has experienced it, but a parent, a grandparent.

In collaboration with Louis-Jean Cormier

Matiu wrote the lyrics and music for his new album, and Louis-Jean Cormier produced it. The recording took place in the latter’s studio in Montreal. It’s an idea of ​​my friend and manager who found it interesting that we work with him, because he also comes from the North Shore. It went very well, I’m very proud of the resultsays Matiu.

In this new album, several styles of music come together, rock, folk and even punk. It was wanted on the part of Matiu, so that we feel all his influences. When I started making music, I had to find a label. I used to say jokingly that I was doing bipolar folk, because it gave me the chance to go from one extreme to the other without having to justify myself.he says.

If Matiu sings in Innu and French, he also writes in both languages ​​without distinction. He even sings in English: It’s always the guitar chords that inspire me. It’s in the feeling, I do not know how to explain it. It is never decided in advance.

He adds that his lyrics have a different meaning depending on the language in which he sings. It comes with inspiration.

Indigenous Presence runs until August 18

The First Peoples’ Festival, presented until August 18 at the Place des Festivals, continues this Thursday evening with the presentation of the major annual concert by the organization Musique nomade. We can see and hear Matiu (who will not be there), Q052, Sensei H, Naya Ali, Native Mafia Family, Brown Family, Buffalo Hat Singers, Mikon Niquay Ottawa, Scott-Pien Picard, Willows and Soleil Launière.

In addition to the various shows including those of Mack MacKenzie and Matiu (August 13), the festival showcases a variety of artists from different fields such as music, film, visual arts and performing arts.

This text was written from the interview conducted by Stéphanie Gagnon, cultural columnist on the show 15-18. Comments may have been edited for clarity and conciseness.

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