Madwa-Nika Cadet will be the PLQ candidate in Bourassa-Sauvé

Lawyer Madwa-Nika Cadet will represent the Quebec Liberal Party (PLQ) in Bourassa-Sauvé in the October 3 provincial election. The former president of the Party’s Youth Commission won the first investiture in the history of the constituency after three rounds, on August 21, in a fight which was initially played out in fours.

“This is only the first battle before the next battle, which will be to beat the Coalition avenir Québec on October 3,” declared the new official candidate, to thunderous applause. In the interview, she congratulated the three other candidates, as well as her team of volunteers. “It’s teamwork, we worked hard, day and night, until 1 a.m.,” she said, all smiles.

Coming second, the founder of the Greater Montreal Legal Clinic Marie-Livia Beaugé was clearly satisfied with the result. “It was my first campaign experience. I was extremely well surrounded. I had a team that believed in me, which was very numerous. I feel very good about the campaign I led,” she said in an interview with Subway.

Me Beaugé mentioned that it would probably not be his last political experience. “I said, I’m not a candidate who will show up and disappear. I live in Montreal North, I was born in Montreal North, […] my neighbors remain my neighbors, the people I help.”

Chantal Rossi defeat in the second round

For her part, the municipal councilor Chantal Rossi was defeated in the second round. Surrounded by her supporters, the elected member of Ensemble Montréal had tears in her eyes after the announcement of the results.

“Democracy has spoken. I respect that. I remain an elected official, the councilor of Montreal-North. I stay here to defend the interests of the people of Montreal North. Montreal North remains etched in my heart,” she confided, in an interview with Subway. She said she was proud of her campaign, from which she came out “with her head held high”.

Ms. Rossi encouraged her supporters to support Madwa-Mika Cadet in the third and final round. “If there is someone I have to work as an elected municipal official, it’s Madwa”, she succinctly justified.

The fourth candidate, retired entrepreneur Angiolino D’Anello, was eliminated in the first round, failing to collect more than 10% of the vote.

The candidates Chantal Rossi, Madwa-Nika Cadet, Marie-Livia Beaugé, the leader of the PLQ Dominique Anglade and the candidate Angeliono Danello.

Full house

More than 500 members of the PLQ in Bourassa-Sauvé moved Sunday to the Renaissance room, in Anjou, to choose the person who would succeed the outgoing deputy Paule Robitaille.

After the executive of the local association refused a “candidate from the regions”, the Party announced on July 9 the holding of an open investiture, a first in the history of this liberal stronghold. Since then, the number of PLQ members has exploded in Bourassa-Sauvé, going from 241 to 2,139, the Party confirmed.

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