Lululemon Founder Donates $100M to Preserve B.C.’s Nature

He made the announcement Thursday at Stanley Park in Vancouver. The money will be donated through the foundation Wilson 5 to support the 25×25 project of the Fondation des parcs.

This project is a partnership with Aboriginal communities and spans several years. It seeks to protect 25% of BC’s wildlife.

The $100 million envelope will be used to protect three ecosystems:

  • The sanctuary Fallen Creek which represents 528 acres [2 km2] near the rocky mountains
  • The approximately 200-acre Teit’s Sanctuary [0,8 km2] not far from Spence Bridge
  • The Bourguiba source which extends over 41 acres [0,2 km2] in the South Okanagan and is vital for several species such as bighorn sheep

This announcement comes as millionaire Yvon Chouinard and founder of Patagonia said Wednesday that he would transfer his company to a trust and a non-profit organization that will tackle climate change.

This year, Chip Wilson donated $4 million to protect the Douglas fir ecosystem and pledged $100 million for medical research into glenohumeral facial dystrophy.

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