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The poster for the film “III”, by Salomé VilleneuvePHOTO: Facebook/Metafilms

Émilie Perreault reaches Salomé Villeneuve on the phone in Venice where she presents III, the only Canadian short film selected at the Venice International Film Festival. “In shock”, the director recounts her experience on the red carpet among the big names of the Mostra and talks about the power of childhood, a central theme in her work.

It’s not easy to show your films for the first time. I feel vulnerable, but I made it my mission to face my fears and stay present from A to Z, to stay straight in my seat. »

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Salome Villeneuve

Lasting 12 minutes, IIIby Salomé Villeneuve, tells the story of three brothers and sisters who face death for the first time through their contact with nature during a scorching day.