Legault defends the “orange taxes” of Québec solidaire | Elections Quebec 2022

François Legault, Dominique Anglade, Paul St-Pierre Plamondon and Éric Duhaime in turn denounced on Wednesday morning the promise presented the day before by Québec solidaire (QS) to tax assets and estates over one million dollars.

The leaders of the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ), the Liberal Party of Québec (PLQ) and the Parti québécois (PQ) pointed out in particular that the assets of agricultural producers, whose incomes are generally modest, often exceed this amount, and that it is already difficult for them to hand over their farms to the next generation.

Mr. Legault, for example, declared in a press briefing that he did not think that the introduction of new taxes be one good ideaespecially at a time when the Bank of Canada is announcing another key rate hike.

I felt some concern with the orange taxes, which apply to everyone with assets over a millionhe said after a meeting with members of theUPAnoting that farmland cost very expensive.

Dominique Anglade believes that Québec solidaire tackles agricultural succession. The combine harvester behind me, that’s already worth a million dollarsshe pointed out at the start of the day during a press briefing held on a farm in Saint-Jacques-le-Mineur, in Montérégie.

So when we talk about agricultural succession, when we talk about the need to have young people who want to get involved in agriculture, you can’t tell me that these are the young people who are going to be taxed.

PQ leader Paul St-Pierre Plamondon also called counterproductive the tax measures of QSincluding that aimed at collecting a percentage of inheritances whose net value exceeds one million dollars.

We in the Parti Québécois have no intention of taxing the deadhe launched, fearing that that [devienne] more logical to sell to foreign investment firms than to inherit farmland.

Conservative leader Éric Duhaime finally said he was disappointing to have to QS offer tax more people, while Quebecers are already sufficiently taxed.

A “common front” in favor of millionaires

In response to these criticisms, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois assured that agricultural land would be exempt from the two new taxes that his party wants to create. However, other assets – such as machinery – would not be, he said at the insistence of journalists.

Asked why this exemption had not been disclosed the day before, when the press had specifically posed the question to representatives of the economic team of QSMr. Nadeau-Dubois invoked a information transfer error. These are things that happen in a campaign that goes fasthe pleaded.

In the afternoon, the co-spokesperson for Québec solidaire wanted to distance himself from his opponents, ensuring that he was the only one to “defend the middle class”.

What we are witnessing is a common front of the four other political parties to defend the millionaires. »

A quote from Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, co-spokesperson for Québec solidaire

Reiterating that the tax proposed by his party would only affect the richest 5% of Quebecers, Mr. Nadeau-Dubois recalled that the average salary in the province was around $55,000. People who have accumulated assets of more than a million dollars have the means to contribute more for our schools, our hospitals, our CHSLDshe insisted.

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Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois was campaigning in eastern Montreal on Wednesday morning.

Photo: The Canadian Press/Ryan Remiorz

This will be a first setback, but there will certainly be others.commented Dominique Anglade after having also met theUPAWednesday noon.

According to the Liberal leader, everybody perhaps affected by the new taxes of QS. Because the people targeted by these new measures, these are people who also have difficulty making ends meetshe argued.

According to the parameters presented on Tuesday, the “tax on large fortunes” would cost $1,000 each year for each million dollars held in net assets above one million. This rate of 0.1% would increase to 1% above 10 million, and to 1.5% above 100 million.

The “large estate tax,” on the other hand, would cost 35% of all bequests worth more than $1 million.

Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois also accused the CAQ Wednesday to conduct a smear campaign against his Climate Plan by saying that QS would like take away $800 million from breeders.

This is a liedid he declare. No measurement proposed by QS does not attack breeders, he certified.

Mr. Nadeau-Dubois admits that his Climate Plan is based on a model predicting a drop in global consumption of several types of meat. However, this model comes from a report commissioned by the government of the CAQ and only notices a tendency that already exists, he says.

This decrease in demand is natural, normal and worldwideunderlined the spokesman of QS. We don’t intend to tell the world what to eat. All we do is add choices [et] make other options available.

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