LA Tea Time’s thrilling women’s odyssey

At the start, there is a filmmaker, Sophie Bédard Marcotte. It’s a gray and flat winter in Montreal, the money coming in is meager and the jobines waiting“,”text”:”pending”}}”> while waiting unexciting. So Sophie Bédard Marcotte decides to hit the road. Direction the United States, in the company of its director of photography, Isabelle Stachchenko.

Then begins for the two young women a real journey. Because the road 66 that they take must lead them to Los Angeles in order to meet over a cup of tea the idol of the filmmaker: the artist and director Miranda July. You might as well go to the source to find inspiration.

The beauty of road tripsjudiciously reminds us LA Tea Time, is never the destination. Because it is on the way that adventures and encounters, the very ones that make all the salt of life, will accumulate.

Through reflexive and pop vignettes, the film then advances by inventing its own rhythm, reflecting along the way, with communicative happiness, on friendship, creation, success and the new frontiers of cinema.

LA Tea Time, by Sophie Bédard Marcotte Photo: Maestro Films

Because Sophie Bédard Marcotte is not just a filmmaker, she is also a formidable inventor of forms. In his previous film, clear in wintershe was already inventing the outlines of a free and charming cinema, not caring to fit into a box. LA Tea Timea documentary-like fiction (or the opposite), confirms this by only extending the boundaries of this delightful inventiveness.

For us, this journey where everything becomes possible only becomes more exciting. Because not limiting itself in anything, constantly playing with codes and rules, the film surprises, astonishes and charms at each of its stops. In particular during delicious nods to Wizard of Oz or when the ghost of the great Chantal Akerman appears.

A playful and personal travel diary full of humor which reminds us that the encounter with the Other, even fantasized, is indeed a source of the greatest wealth.

The trailer (source: YouTube)

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