Justice is the foundation of our society

Our justice system is cracking everywhere. Although it affects our democracy as a whole, it is a subject that is barely touched on in the programs of the various parties.

When Denis Coderre exclaimed this week that the administration of Valérie Plante “lies like she breathes”, it was easy to see the frustration of the one who bit the dust in front of her during the last municipal elections.

The fact is that during the election campaign, Plante had promised to increase the number of police officers in Montreal by 250. Immediately after the campaign, she had started to retreat. Coderre was not completely wrong.

No one in Montreal is fooled. Since the beginning of the year, there have been 75 murders or attempted murders by firearms in Montreal.

The feeling of public insecurity in Montreal is fueled by the neglect of this critical issue at City Hall. This “I don’t care” is compounded by the broader crisis in our justice system in Quebec.

A system in peril

We live in a society of law. Our relations between citizens and with the State are governed by law.

To enforce the law, we rely on a whole system of police, prosecutors and courts that are essential to the proper functioning of our democratic institutions.

At the apex of this system is a Minister of Justice and Attorney General. Unfortunately, Simon Jolin-Barrette still had his nose in many other cases and, as a result, he presided over the worst collapse of our justice system in the history of Quebec.

Squabble after squabble with the judiciary, whose authority and independence he does not respect, constantly snubbed in court decisions, he does as he pleases. He mixes identity, linguistic and political questions in his pot with legal and constitutional questions, and the results are catastrophic.

He constructs grand theories that are meaningless, but is not even able to make the small claims division work within normal timeframes.

The decline of our justice system in Quebec is accelerated by its incompetence and negligence.

Montreal abandoned by the CAQ

Montreal’s most distinctive elements are anathema to Legault and Jolin-Barrette. Cultural, linguistic and religious diversity are in the crosshairs of the CAQ, which fills up votes in the regions by demonizing the metropolis and its specific characteristics.

Legault has no votes to get in Montreal and even if the metropolitan region represents half of the population of Quebec, he leaves it largely abandoned, especially in the public security file.

It’s easy for the public to see that our education system is seriously flawed and that the health system is downright in jeopardy: everyone is in contact with schools and hospitals, either for themselves or for their loved ones.

With the justice system, it’s more vague, contacts rarer.

This week’s killings remind us of the effects on our society and our lives when left unattended.

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