Joua: nice clothes to play outside with the little ones

A new brand of unisex outerwear for children, conceptualized in Montreal, has just been launched. Their mission: to create friendships by motivating young people to go play outside in comfortable, durable and adjustable clothes.

The Joua company, whose head office is in Ville Saint-Laurent, presented this week its first collection of winter clothing for 2 to 14 year olds. Among the catalog of this first launch: one-piece suit, coats, snow pants, overalls and intermediate layers.

What are the middle layers used for? To create a moisture-resistant double and control odors by allowing moisture to escape. Everything is designed from a new fiber made of activated carbon and coconut extract.

Several modern colors are offered for each piece, such as olive, yellow, raspberry, black and powder blue. Which patterned options reminiscent of nature are also part of the winter line.

Technical features such as velcro, adjustable straps and changeable seams allow the size of the garments to be adapted as the child grows, allowing the pieces to be kept longer.

On the label of each of the coats is a friendship bracelet duo so that the child can keep one and give the other to a friend. Cuuute!

The collection is available in a few points of sale.

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