# JeSuisLà: ultramodern solitude

In addition to his megasuccess The Aries family, director Éric Lartigau seemed to specialize in pop and light romantic comedies, just sweet enough (give me your hand, The unfaithful). At least until 2020, when he happily added a touch of melancholy to his recipe.

#JeSuisLà, by Eric Lartigau Photo: AZ Films

A film about loneliness

The presence in the screenplay of Thomas Bidegain (screenwriter among others of Jacques Audiard) is surely not for nothing, and this story of a Basque restaurateur in his fifties who decides on a whim to go visit a young Korean painter with whom he has an epistolary relationship will not follow the conventional lines of telephone romance. No.

Because this man who is going through a carabineer existential crisis will find himself alone at Seoul airport, waiting tirelessly, and #I am the then finds its wanderings, between a more pop version of Terminal of Steven Spielberg and the sweet melancholy of unfaithful translation (Lost in Translation), by Sofia Coppola.

A man (Alain Chabat) surrounded by two airplane pilots takes a selfie.
#JeSuisLà, by Eric Lartigau Photo: AZ Films

A vehicle for Alain Chabat

Of course, we knew him as an irresistible comic actor.

But in #I am thewhich he wears from start to finish, Alain Chabat reveals himself differently, certainly counting on this good-natured charisma that he carries around from the start, but also showing a rather sympathetic endearing tenderness.

The whole episode of the airport, where he passes the time between spa, restaurant, Korean pop concert and casual encounter, becomes a moment of absolute charm that would make us (almost) want to be in the impossibility to get out of an airport!

A man (Alain Chabat) and a woman are walking near a river.
#JeSuisLà, by Eric Lartigau Photo: AZ Films

Like vanilla ice cream

#I am the is not a perfect movie. And if its last third, more film of tourism and reconciliation with obligatory passages – yes, we will see the cherry blossoms – disappoints a bit, it is nonetheless a film marked by a reflection on the chimeras of social networks, a sad prettiness and a delicacy without heaviness which seem as rare as they are original.

Like a vanilla ice cream, it is tasted with pleasure, simplicity and sweetness.

#I am theon ICI Télé on Tuesday, September 6 at 2 p.m.

The trailer (source: YouTube)

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