Jérôme Minière well surrounded on his new album, The melody, the river and the night

Jérôme Minière, singer of French origin established in Quebec since 1995, presents his new offering as the last album of a triptych, which also includes In the digital forest (2018) and A clearing (2019).

The melody, the river and the night offers a joyful, silky and sometimes melancholic pop. Everything is sprinkled with hip-hop rhythms, Brazilian and African music, electro and orchestral arrangements, such as Guido del Fabbro’s violins on The sound of time passing us by and Detour.

The album was co-produced by Minière himself and his colleague Philippe Brault, musician, arranger, and producer. The latter also provided bass on the 14 new tracks, alongside José Major on drums and Joseph Marchand on electric guitar. The creation of this new opus was therefore a matter of friendship, but also of family, since the singer’s daughter, Félixe Minière alias Fé, lends her voice to Cairo, Detour and warbler.

On American night, the strong point of the album, we can also hear the smooth voice of Ngabo, whose real name is Chris Ngabonziza, who also records under the names of Dear Denizen in solo and Abakos, with Pierre Kwenders. Françoiz Breut, a French singer based in Brussels and longtime friend of Jérôme Minière, also lent her voice to “Ta maison”.

The melody, the river and the night is a pleasant album to listen to, clearly conceived in pleasure. It is launched simultaneously in France and Canada.

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