In French ! Episode No. 3435764128

It’s just a rib thing. But we find, concentrated in this anecdote, a summary of the entire linguistic situation in Quebec.

At the end of the week, The newspaper informed us that a charity event organized in Montreal, the famous RibFest, was taking place 100% in English only.

In the display, just “Best Ribs”, “Best Sauce”, “Fabulous Mac and Cheese” and “Corn Roasted”.

The reactions to this news are a perfect example of the quiet submission to English that afflicts Quebec.


The news is published in The newspaper Saturday morning. When I get up, I take note of it and I share the info on my social media with the word “UNACCEPTABLE! written in capital letters.

As a result, I am inundated with comments from French-speaking citizens ranging from “We don’t give a damn”, “Drop out! “, at ” Get a life, loser “, “Bin go ahead and give us peace !! “, passing by” Do not you have more serious things to denounce? and “We don’t care. The ribs were delicious.”

This is just a sample, of course. But it is still revealing that such information, which would have set fire to the powder in a Quebec in love with its French only a few years ago, is greeted with shrugs in 2022.

I remind you that the Charter of the French language provides that public signage and commercial advertising must be in French.

I spoke to you about the reaction of some francophones. Now, on the English side…

Report it from Global News Elizabeth Zogalis, who obviously has the IQ of BBQ sauce, tweeted on Twitter: ” Imagine being this upset over ribs (Imagine being that angry just because of ribs)”. As if it were a food controversy! Then she added, “I actually pity people like her. It’s negative energy and I wouldn’t want to have that around me.”

I assure you, Madame Zogalis, I don’t need your pity. On the other hand, I wonder why you find it positive when Anglophones struggle to defend their rights, but it’s “bad energy” when Francophones struggle to defend theirs…


Saturday, after making my little tweet of protest, I wondered for the 3435764128th time where were the Quebec artists to defend their language.

I only found Pierre-Luc Brillant, actor and musician, who reacted strongly by writing in capital letters: “THE FIGHT FOR FRENCH, MORE IMPORTANT THAN EVER!

Going to an event in Rosemont and seeing that the signage and service are in English only. In 2022. In Montreal. In Quebec. Urgent to act! »

Mr. Brillant is the Parti Québécois candidate in Rosemont for the next elections.

It’s still crazy to think that there are more than artists getting into politics to mobilize the troops around French.


Why am I telling you about this rib thing? Because that sums it up:

1. the apathy of part of the French-speaking population;

2. the contempt of certain English media, and…

3. the small percentage of artists willing to step up to defend the language cause.

No wonder the Frenchman has… broken ribs.

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