I’ll make you dance: new song and new clip for Les Soeurs Boulay

After The lights in the sky, the first extract from their album to be released on October 21, The Boulay sisters are launching today I’ll make you dance. A song addressing the quest for identity haunting our generation.

Dressed in long, brightly colored dresses, the Boulay sisters appear to be whispering the lyrics to their new piece, Je va vous faire danser, in this beautifully crafted music video. Sitting on rocks, looking at their reflection in a mirror and the feet or the whole body immersed in waters that we guess are trouble, we understand that the song speaks of the quest for intensity, truth and authenticity. The mirrors, like the lyrics of this piece with a chorus that quickly anchors itself in the head, refer to this double image: the one we project and the one we have of ourselves.

“A sort of ironic hymn to the posture of hypocrisy that people on TV and in the media are sometimes asked to adopt”: this is what Stéphanie and Mélanie Boulay say about this new song “which says nothing by saying everything, which can be listened to casually or attentively…”

The duo conjures up a “dark, but dark pop song with a wink,” as only he knows how, so firmly and gently, to deliver.

Échapper à la nuit, the fourth album by the Boulay sisters, will be available from October 21. The pre-order option is already offered: https://lessoeursboulay.bandcamp.com/album/chapper-la-nuit

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