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Increasingly denounced, online violence against women is reaching alarming and unbearable heights, the subject at the heart of the punchy documentary I salute you bitch, by Léa Clermont-Dion and Guylaine Maroist.

It is absolutely necessary to see this film, which will not leave anyone indifferent, whether you are a man or a woman. The most shocking thing is to realize that even if the problem of cyberviolence against women is much more denounced, it is still not really taken seriously.

Each story told is stunning. That of Laura Boldrini, ex-journalist and ex-deputy of Italy, is particularly revolting. The first Italian woman to be appointed president of the Chamber of Deputies, she was harassed on social networks, in particular by an adversary who smeared her and tried to destroy her.

The chosen one was ridiculed with an inflatable doll by former Italian Prime Minister Matteo Salvini. Mayor Matteo Camiciottoli tweeted: “Let’s send rapists to Boldrini to make her smile again”. All of this is inconceivable, but very true.


“Now that women are more and more influential, says Ms. Boldrini, many men consider it too much. »

In a recent study by the Conseil du statut de la femme du Québec, several experts argue that this violence would indeed aim, consciously or not, to hinder the participation of women in the public sphere and in places traditionally reserved for men.

We want to put women in their place, relegate them to the private sphere or to a role of sexual partner.

Actions claimed

Like all of my female colleagues, I also receive misogynistic and degrading messages.

We must no longer remain silent and demand that it stop. For this, we must say it loud and clear, but also demand action from our elected officials. What are we waiting for to think about solutions?

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