Google will stop answering your silly questions

These response fragments (snippets in English) appear at the top of a results page after a query has been entered into the search engine, in order to speed up access to the requested information.

However, it sometimes happens that the Internet user asks inappropriate questions to the search engine, for example: In what year did Snoopy assassinate Abraham Lincoln? Although the famous dog is not the real perpetrator of the former US president’s murder, Google directly offers the date of Lincoln’s assassination in response to this question.

We have trained our systems to improve their ability to detect these false queries, which are not common, but for which it is not useful to display these answerssaid the director of Google’s research department, Pandu Nayak.

The latter also claimed, in a blog post, that the appearance of these response fragments would be reduced by 40%.

Also with the aim of countering misinformation, if the results found following a question are not deemed reliable by the system, the search engine will display a warning indicating that few good results have been obtained.

This does not mean that the information available does not exist or is not of good quality.explains Mr. Nayak, who explains that it will still be possible to consult the results displayed despite the presence of this warning.

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