Google releases an important security update for the Chrome browser

Users of the Google Chrome browser on Windows, Mac and Linux should quickly install an update that fixes a security flaw that has already been exploited by attackers.

Google is aware that there is a program that exploits [cette vulnérabilité]reads the site that lists Chrome updates for computers.

As usual, Google reveals few details on the nature of the security problem so as not to give hackers the opportunity to take advantage of it until the majority of users install the update.

The security breach, at the risk qualified asraised was discovered by an anonymous Internet user and reported on July 30.

To ensure that the update has been installed, simply go to the browser settings by clicking on the three small vertical dots located at the top right of the interface. From there, we go to the section About Chromiumwhere it will be indicated if the browser is up to date or if it is necessary to relaunch it for it to become so.

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