Gamer and proud of it: a first book for Stéphanie Harvey

Five-time world champion in video games, Stéphanie Harvey has lost count of the glass ceilings she has shattered during her career. His secret to achieving this? “I always refused to believe that I couldn’t accomplish something because of my gender,” she explains.

His career speaks for itself.

At the age of 36, Stéphanie Harvey – or missharvey for her tens of thousands of subscribers – has won five world gaming championships counter strikewas voted the “smartest person in the country” by the show Canada’s Smartest Personon CBC, and won the final of Big Brother Celebritieslast spring.

She has always rushed headlong, especially in the field of video games once considered “a man’s world”.

A woman among men

This comment on the male predominance in the video game industry made him laugh for a long time. But she still has to acquiesce in it, to see a certain truth in it.

“Whenever someone spoke to me about video games as a ‘man’s world’, I answered ‘Ah yes?’ It’s still true that, when I was younger, I had almost no – if any – female role models in the field. But me, I imagine that I was a little naive; I told myself that I could accomplish anything I wanted,” said Stéphanie Harvey in an interview with Log.

In short, his roadmap alone could constitute an entire book. But the main interested party had no desire to simply recount her feats of arms – as impressive and numerous as they are – in Gamer and proud of it. Toss yourself flowers and flatter your ego in the direction of the hair? Very little for her, thank you.

Stéphanie Harvey during a game of Counter-Strike.

Archival photo

Stéphanie Harvey during a game of Counter-Strike.

“Everything that talks about my life and my career in this book bores me! It’s a story I already know, so I don’t want to spend too much time on it,” she laughs.

“I still understand that I have to talk about it, that it interests many. So I use my experience to try to change things, to make people aware of different issues,” she continues.

For the cause

It’s been quite a while since Stéphanie Harvey has given herself the mission of putting her notoriety to the benefit of causes that are dear to her. And so much the better if, along the way, it succeeds in debunking certain stubborn myths and preconceived ideas linked to the video game world.

This time around, she is highlighting four issues in this first book, which arrived in bookstores earlier this week: cyberaddiction, cybersecurity, cyberbullying and cyberwell-being or, in its own words, “the 4 Cs of missharvey”.

Because the author does not hide it, the digital universe conceals dark corners on which we too infrequently sweep a so necessary light. Many courses and trainings aim to equip people to use search engines, maximize their e-mail system or even quickly find the information that interests them.

But etiquette, propriety and the dangers of the net?

They are too often swept under the rug. And that goes for both social networks and online video games. The latter have, in some circles, an unenviable reputation, to put it politely.

“Some believe that playing a video game is a waste of time, it’s mind-numbing or it’s unhealthy. Yet it is quite the opposite; it is an extremely healthy activity when it is practiced well”, argues Stéphanie Harvey.

The book Gamer and proud of it is now on the market.


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