free transport says the PLQ

Students and people aged 65 and over would no longer have to worry about reloading their public transit card if the Quebec Liberal Party (PLQ) comes to power on October 3. In fact, party leader Dominique Anglade promises these two demographic groups total free public transport throughout Quebec.

The leader of the PLQ made the announcement this morning during a press briefing, from the Montmorency station, which she tried to reach by metro, as if to illustrate her remarks.

During the press conference, Dominique Anglade was surrounded by Laval-des-Rapides MP Saul Polo, Anabela Monteiro from Vimont, Sonia Baudelot from Fabre and Sona Lakhoyan from Chomedey.

Dual purpose

With this new promise, the leader of the Liberals intends to kill two birds with one stone. This measure, which is part of the PLQ’s Portfolio Plan – would, according to Dominique Anglade, put money back in the pockets of Quebecers with the lowest incomes, while preserving the environment.

“The Portfolio Plan, which we presented at the start of the campaign, is to allow Quebecers to have oxygen, to have the means to make ends meet” wished to recall the leader of the Liberals.

By establishing free public transport for the youngest and the oldest, the PLQ is counting on a reduction in the use of personal vehicles by Quebecers, which would lead to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

The highways of the province, moderately relieved by the measure, would also allow a general traffic more fluid according to the liberals.

“In addition to making use more accessible, the measure will be an important incentive for a greater number of Quebecers to use public transit, thus helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions produced by the transportation sector in Quebec. . This will also help reduce congestion and therefore make travel easier and faster for everyone,” said the PLQ.

Public transit is an essential tool in our fight against climate change.

Dominique Anglade, leader of the Quebec Liberal Party (PLQ)

No additional costs for carriers

The application of this selective free public transport, announced by the camp of Dominique Anglade, would not cause any additional cost for the transport companies, according to the PLQ. The Government of Quebec would finance the measure.

“Free access will be at zero cost for public transit companies since they will benefit from full financial compensation from the Government of Quebec,” specifies the PLQ.

In the long term, the Liberals even see this measure as a source of potential gains for carriers. The latter could benefit from a firmly rooted habit of using public transport among students, when they are adults and in working life.

“Promoting greater use of public transit is not only an important economic measure but also a major commitment to the environment,” summarized the leader of the PLQ, Dominique Anglade.

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