François Legault apologizes | Elections

Following the outcry caused by his comments on the integration of immigrants and violence in the province, the Premier of Quebec, François Legault, apologizes. He had made these remarks during a press scrum on the subject of agriculture and education on Wednesday afternoon.

“I didn’t want to associate immigration with violence. I’m sorry if my words have caused confusion,” he said on his profile. Twitter personal.

Initially, the Prime Minister declared: “Quebecers do not like chicanery, they do not like extremists, they do not like violence. You have to make sure you keep it as it is. […] There is an integration challenge,” in response to a question about immigration thresholds. He then tackled the subject of religion and secularism in Quebec and Canada.

These remarks were very badly received both within the political sphere and in the public sphere. For many, it was a dangerous mix of words unworthy of a prime minister.

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