Five music album releases to watch this fall

The open-air festival season is drawing to a close, but the new cultural season offers music lovers a panoply of new musical releases to warm their souls. Subway has selected five local music albums, all genres combined, which will mark the fall.

Colin Maillard by Mantissa

After Bkay and Jamaz, Mantisse, whose real name is Thomas Thivierge-Gauthier, is the third member of the rap group LaF to embark on a solo career. On September 16, he will publish the first opus of his individual project, the fruit of several years of writing.

Colin Maillard takes the form of a personal album in which Mantisse presents his new “me”, exposing his anxieties, his urgency to live and his quest for balance over his various moods.

Always close to alternative hip-hop in a production by beatmaker Bnjmn.lloyd and punctuated by the verses of Mantisse, the songs also have jazz and electro sounds. Never far from his guitar, the artist collaborates with other musicians on this album, in addition to the faithful Bkay and Jamaz as unique vocal collaborations.

September 16 at 7th Heaven Records

Crushed Grapes by Jason Bajada

Folk artist Jason Bajada will launch on September 23 Crushed Grapeshis eighth feature-length game, the composition of which was spread over several years, between New York, the Magdalen Islands and LA The texts are therefore tinged sometimes with the Californian sun, sometimes with escapades in Brooklyn “to run away from familiar dramas,” he explains.

It all came about after a “musical crush” between Jason Bajada and producer Connor Seidel backstage at the Corona Theater in December 2018.

Their shared love for Nick Drake and Neil Diamond led them to the making of Snake, the first single from the album. Bajada and Seidel then created four more songs and wanted to make the five pieces an EP. However, half a dozen new songs followed and the EP finally turned into a complete album.

September 23 at Audiogram

disruption of Vulgar Machines

After a long break of more than ten years, the Vulgaire Machins will make their big comeback on October 14 with the release of disruptionan album produced by Gus Van Go which revives the band’s incisive and melodious punk-rock signature.

The group returns with caustic and cynical texts, but oriented towards deep reflection and introspection.

We feel it on the first extract released on September 13, Asylumwhich is intended as a moment of questioning in the context of worsening inequalities and injustices that we know today.

Vulgaires Machins, formed by Guillaume Beauregard, Marie-Ève ​​Roy, Maxime Beauregard and Pat Sayers, wonders: would we face the collapse of our common world today? In this context of accelerating societal disruption, how will we not go crazy?

October 14 at Costume Records

escape the night of the Boulay sisters

For their fourth album, to be released on October 21, the Boulay sisters wanted to go elsewhere than what they have accustomed us to, which makes this next opus one of the most anticipated of the fall.

Recorded in isolation at the Dandurand studio with producer Connor Seidel, escape the night is a more pop album that moves away from the acoustic guitars and pianos heard on the previous projects of the duo formed by Stéphanie and Mélanie Boulay.

The artists have decided to surround themselves with “beautiful and benevolent” for this new chapter, musically more danceable, but still imbued with vulnerability and depth.

The first two titles The lights in the sky and I will make you dance, published in May and September respectively, offer a good foretaste of this darkly existential revival.

October 21 at Simone Records

Chrysalism by Milk & Bone

After the pandemic-induced hiatus, Montreal outfit Milk & Bone (composed of Laurence Lafond-Beaulne and Camille Poliquin) felt a desire to “explore the depths of the human heart” and reconnect with others. On October 28, the electro-pop duo will release their fourth opus, Chrysalismwho marks a turn towards a more fragmented pop territory.

With captivating vocal harmonies, synthesized music and riffs of melodic guitar, the artists explore on this album the themes of love, desire and grief from a decidedly more mature point of view. Its title also refers to the feeling of tranquility one feels when one is indoors, dry, during a violent storm.

Composed and recorded with the help of Micah Jasper, a producer based in Los Angeles, Chrysalism is “a poignant reflection of what it feels like to grow old and step into one’s life”.

October 28 at Bonsound

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