Employees of Pâtisserie Gaudet feel abandoned

Unemployed after 35 years of service at Pâtisserie Gaudet, Sylvie Denis feels left behind. Even if she receives employment insurance benefits, she fears losing her five weeks of vacation and her accumulated time since she still does not have the necessary documents to benefit from the Wage Earner Protection Program, offered by Ottawa.

It’s deadlines on top of deadlines, then we know life! The deadlines, then at some point, we go straight and we get screwed! she says.

The 130 former workers of the place have a little less than two months to submit their application to the Wage Earner Protection Program. They all live in uncertainty, according to Johanne Gill, a former accounts payable manager at Pâtisserie Gaudet, who points to the trustee of the file.

We went bankrupt on August 4, but the employees had been deprived of their salaries for a month. It will do! We are afraid that our salaries will also go up in smoke. We are promised the papers from one week to the next, but if you look at the article of law, we have a maximum of 56 days to register for the Programshe explains.

The former employees had gathered outside the company on Thursday.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Jean-Francois Dumas

Johanne Gill believes that the more time passes, the more some workers are at risk of suffering serious consequences from bankruptcy.

These employees who do not all have computers or cell phones, what will be their steps to solve the problems they will encounter? »

A quote from Johanne Gill, former Accounts Payable Manager at Pâtisserie Gaudet

The fear is also very real for Lise Gagnon, who abruptly lost her position after 43 years of service: They owe me five weeks of unpaid vacation, accrued days, and weeks from May that they owed me for my vacation next year.

The trustee, Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton, cites the difficulty in obtaining the complete register of employees to explain these delays. Former workers should receive the expected documents next week, within the 45-day period the firm has to provide them.

Recently retired after 45 years at Pâtisserie Gaudet, Jean Brunelle would have liked a better way out of the crisis for his former colleagues.

We collaborated in the emancipation and influence of the company. Please just give us our due. We are not asking you for millionshe concludes.

Beyond the money, these workers keep the hope of a possible revival of the company.

Based on the report by Jean-François Dumas

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