Duolingo launches into math lessons

Duolingo made the announcement on Friday at its annual event.

App users can expect to practice multiplication, division and fractions, in addition to practicing area, perimeter, angle calculations and telling the time , among others. Each concept includes different levels that allow the student’s progress to be monitored.

To ensure that the exercises offered are fun and appropriate for everyone who wants to do them, Duolingo plans to offer different levels according to age. For now, the app offers a course designed for primary school children as well as a component aimed at people aged 13 and over.

Reproduce a winning formula

Duoling Math’s lead software engineer, Sammi Siegel, has been working on the new app for just over a year. The objective was to use the playful configuration and pedagogical strategy that made Duolingo so successful in order to adapt them to mathematics.

The learning approach is thus similar to that of the original application of the same company. Each exercise is therefore different and allows you to assimilate the basics of mathematical notions.

We have all these different mechanics to keep people engaged. We wanted to take everything we learned from teaching languages ​​and apply it to another subject. explained Sammi Siegel to the specialized site The Verge.

The aesthetics of the application is also similar to that well known to Duolingo enthusiasts. A little ding Satisfactory still comes through with every correct answer, and lessons are kept short and fun, lasting less than two minutes, according to The Verge, which tested Duolingo Math.

The app will also send notifications to remind users that it’s time for a lesson.

Whether it’s calculating the tip on a bill or changing the portions of a recipe, math is simply essential in our lives, points out Sammi Siegel. We know that there is a proliferation of math-related anxiety and that people don’t feel completely comfortable with their math skills. We believe that with a fun and engaging app we can tackle this problem.

The app for iOS and iPad iOS is currently in beta with full launch expected later this year.

With information from The Verge and Engadget

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