Dress “trendy” in a thrift store with Cary Tauben

Back to school is imminent and you are worried about your wardrobe? You want affordable, trendy clothes, without encouraging fast fashion? Stylist and thrift shop master Cary Tauben shares his top tips.

Cary Tauben is a Montreal stylist recognized for his eccentric, colorful and often thrifted. He works as much with brands like Louis Vuitton and Michael Kors as with the Village des Valeurs.

Where to snoop?

When you arrive at a thrift store, Cary advises going first to the suits section to complete all the looks, both casual and dressy, then to the lingerie and pajama sets, items that can be styled as day. Obviously, we don’t grab the flannel pants with Santa Claus motifs, but a satin blouse with the shorts that fittent and sneakers white, that’s a yes.

When shopping, it is important not to limit yourself to sizes. Cary’s famous phrase is:If it doesn’t fit, make it fit“. So if a blazer is too big for you, nothing prevents you from going to have it shortened or modifying it according to your tastes so that it is a fit.

Again according to his advice, do not confine yourself to the sections that correspond to your genre. You have to go beyond the man-woman to find beautiful trendy pieces. For example, to find nice jeans, a woman can head to the men’s section for pants. oversized. A man can also go to the row of women’s suits and find a jacket and pants that fittent and make shorts out of them if they’re too small.

One of a kind

The biggest advantage of shopping at a thrift store is the unique finds you make there. And originality and uniqueness is the biggest trend, insists the stylist. He invites people to do like him: first dress according to his desires and his personality, then consider the trends afterwards. “I follow trends, but I also like what I like, you knowhe says.

It also invites fashionable to think about the experience of a piece of clothing: “I like that the second-hand item has a story. The fact that someone wore it makes me wonder who that person was and in what context they wore the piece.”

And before you even start shopping, the pro recommends having an idea of ​​the pieces, colors or patterns you’re looking for. Otherwise, it can become painful to walk around aimlessly.

If you can’t find what you want at first, you have to persevere and continue your search in another thrift store or come back at another time: “Some days are good thrifting days and others who are not, that’s how it is and that’s it.”

The importance of fabric

To make great sustainable finds, Myriam Laroche, senior strategist in sustainable development of textiles and clothing, advises to push the search a little further.

Cary Tauben and Myriam Laroche in a thrift store

Taking the time to look at the label before buying a garment helps to learn about its quality. According to her, we should favor what is made in Canada, France and Italy, because the textiles there are generally of better quality.

According to the brands and/or the origin indicated on the labels, we can also see if the piece is vintage or not. For example, some labels display Made in Hong Kong. However, we no longer see these labels since 1999. If you see this indication, your find is therefore considered to be vintageconsidering it was made over 20 years ago, which is trending right now.

Myriam also points out that paying less for her clothes allows you to have a more diversified wardrobe and therefore to be able to adapt your style for the day to your mood and your desires.

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