Dominique Anglade “feels that the wind is turning” in Quebec

A week after having lived through difficult times in the Capitale-Nationale, the liberal activists have finally given a warm welcome to their leader, who wants the region to “become red again”.

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“I dream of one thing in the evening, that the Capitale-Nationale will become red again on October 3,” Dominique Anglade told his many activists present in a restaurant in Sainte-Foy, in the county of Jean-Talon.

Dominique Anglade “feels that the wind is turning” in Quebec

“We feel that the wind is turning,” even said the chef when leaving the premises. At least 80 people, including former elected officials and young supporters, came to hear Dominique Anglade deliver an energetic speech.

“Are there any Liberals in Quebec?” asked the liberal leader, buried by applause.

Very noisy

The atmosphere clashed with the events of last week. People were loud, the place was packed.

The candidate in the riding and director of research for the political training, Julie White, believes that the Liberals can win back Jean-Talon.

Dominique Anglade “feels that the wind is turning” in Quebec

“We have a job to do, we won’t hide it,” she said, admitting that the activists moved away after the defeat at the hands of the caquistes in the partial of 2019.

“You have to be disciplined and work hard. It is possible in Jean-Talon.”

Last week, Anglade had visited the Sainte-Foy public market, when she had still not presented a candidate in this riding.

Then, during a militant rally in Jean-Lesage with candidate Charles Robert, just under 30 people showed up for the evening.

It was just a dip in Quebec last night. After spending the day in Trois-Rivières, Dominique Anglade is returning to Centre-du-Québec and Montreal tomorrow morning.

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