Disney teams up with Niantic to create an augmented reality Marvel video game

Starting in 2023, Marvel fans will be able to draw inspiration from their favorite superheroes and superheroes to fight crime in augmented reality thanks to a partnership between Disney – owner of Marvel – and Niantic, the publisher of the hit game. Pokemon Go.

In the Marvel World of Heroes mobile game, players patrol their neighborhood to fight crimes, complete missions […] and thwart interdimensional threatscan we read in a press release.

The game developer wants bring the iconic Marvel universe to the real worldwe reveal in a blog post from Niantic.

In the absence of being able to embody Hulk, Spider-Man or members of the Avengers, the players and players will be able to use their various powers, according to what we can see in the video which announces the game.

My goal is for this game to instill in its fans a sense of freedom, power, curiosity and cooperation, and to inspire them to make the world a better place. »

A quote from Neil Melville, Lead Game Designer

Niantic has provided several inclusive customization options for heroic avatars, including different body types, gender expressions, and clothing.

I can’t wait to see what kind of characters players will create on their journey to becoming famous local heroes.

The release of the augmented reality mobile game marvel world of heroes is scheduled for 2023.

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