Discover the new features of the Antidote 11 correction software for French and English

The Quebec company Druide informatics offers the 11e edition of the Antidote writing assistance software by offering many improvements to its previous version, in particular a new interface, more diligent correction, customization of the various settings and many others.

Whether you are a student, a writer or simply a writing fanatic, Antidote software has been a must for several years.

It has all happened to us to want to write something like we say in everyday life. Most of the time, it does not pass in official documents or in school work.

Not so easy to write well when our speaking sometimes leaves something to be desired.

It is for this reason that Antidote has released an improved version of the software, Antidote 11.

Improvements for faultless writing

First of all, to write well, you have to arm yourself with the right tools. And for these tools to be effective, their interface must also be effective.

Antidote 11 therefore offers its users to improve its layout, mainly by hiding the panels and adding shortcuts to facilitate the overall view.

From the point of view of the corrector, this one is even more efficient and precise than its previous version. It offers new style corrections by detecting heaviness and syntactic repetitions and by presenting so-called intelligent reformulations.

Antidote 11 language repetition

Since the French language continues to flourish, the 11e version of Antidote also offers the addition of synonyms, new words, such as eco-anxiety and vaccinodrome, as well as the presentation of difficulties and the use of prepositions.

A nod to the Antidote+ version, where you can find a tab on audio pronunciation, whether with the accent of Montreal or that of Paris. This can also be done in English, but you must have the English version of the software.

A special mention also to the rhyme dictionary, which allows the budding poet or the rapper in the making to find the perfect rhyme. This dictionary contains a phonetic engine and filters for frequency, syllables and others.

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Customize your writing assistance software

Resorting to the writing style of a particular field can sometimes be more difficult than you think.

What is wonderful with Antidote 11 is that the software allows us to customize the corrector with a single click, adding our own rules to it.

Antidote 11 language customization

For example, it is possible to modify the settings of the software so that the text contains expressions of a particular domain, such as the legal, administrative or even entertainment domains.

It is even possible to add alerts to draw our attention to the use of these expressions.

No need to tear your head off to find the right expression according to the context, Antidote 11 does it for us!

Antidote 11 compatibility

How do we know if the Antidote 11 software is compatible with our computer? Here is the list of operating systems compatible with the latest version of the software:

  • Windows: 10 and 11
  • macOS: Big Sur and Monterey
  • Linux: Fedora and Ubuntu

Antidote also integrates with Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and several other applications.

Antidote 11 software sells for $129.95. There is also a version where the annual cost is $59.95 and entitles you to the web and mobile version for iOS devices.

It is also possible to download the module in English by paying a sum of $69 per year if you only want the software in English or $30 if you want to add it in addition to the French version.

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