HBO is working on a television adaptation of Scannersthe 1981 film that made Canadian director David Cronenberg famous all over the world, according to information from the HollywoodReporter.

The filmmaker would have been recruited as an executive producer for the series in development, still according to the HollywoodReporter.

William Bridges, who notably worked on the series black-mirror and Stranger Things, should sign the screenplay. Franco-Algerian filmmaker Yann Demange will take on the role of director.

Having enjoyed considerable commercial success when it was released in 1981, Scanners introduced the general public to the particular style of horror that characterizes Cronenberg’s work, the body horror (or body horror in French).

In the film, people with supernatural abilities can do telepathy and enter the heads of other people, even being able to make the latter explode in a bloody way, signature of the Canadian filmmaker.

Shot in Montreal and Toronto, it was one of the first Canadian films to compete with American theatrical productions.

The HBO project is in its initial phase and it is not guaranteed that the series will actually see the light of day. It therefore obviously has no release date.

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