DALL-E software now allows to imagine what is outside of a painting

Artificial intelligence lab OpenAI, which is behind the DALL-E image generation software, introduced the new “paint outside” feature (outpainting), making it possible to generate new visuals that push the limits of a given image.

DALL-E can for example imagine what is outside the frame of the famous portrait The girl with the pearl, by Johannes Vermeer. From the information present in the image, the system manages to reproduce the style of the artist by imitating the play of shadows and lights of the original work.

However, the program requires human intervention, since a person must describe the desired new visuals and expand the image gradually, in small sections.

The feature can be used to develop original content, but many netizens have enjoyed generating wacky extensions to popular images, placing the Mona Lisa at the center of an apocalyptic world, for example.

Some artificial intelligence models already produced the same type of results, but DALL-E greatly simplifies the number of manipulations required. The system is currently available in beta version for users of the application, which is accessible by invitation.

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