Cycle routes crossing the A-40: not for tomorrow

REV on Lacordaire, cycle paths on Viau, Robert and Langelier… The year 2022 will have been marked by numerous announcements in terms of cycling infrastructure in Saint-Léonard. However, without a deadline, the goods may not be delivered soon.

Despite the announcements of new bike paths on several boulevards, the observation remains the same: Saint-Léonard is still not connected to the other boroughs by bike paths and no timetable has been revealed for these projects.

A major problem arises for three of these four cycling infrastructures: the crossing of Autoroute 40, whose infrastructures, ramps and overpasses are managed by the Ministère des Transports (MTQ).

An agenda determined by the repairs

More information on the construction dates of the bike paths should be revealed during the fall, indicates the City of Montreal, contacted by Subway.It also claims to plan the bike paths according to the repair work to be done.

For its part, the MTQ, explains to Subway that he “plans [en collaboration avec la Ville-centre] the repair of the existing bridges at the height of Lacordaire and Langelier boulevards”. The ministry specifies that “the projects are at the beginning of the planning process” and that “several options are being studied”.

The metropolitan highway represents a challenge for the Leonardo cycle network. Photo: Mateo Gaurrand-Paradot

Viau, the forgotten axis

If the renovation of the Lacordaire and Langelier viaducts appears in the plans of the MTQ, the viaduct Viau does not know such interest. The borough councilor Suzanne De Larochellière affirms however that Saint-Léonard reiterated with the MTQ its requests on this subject.

However, the MTQ finds no trace of such a request from the Borough and specifies that the discussions about the renovation of the viaducts are taking place with the city center.

The candidates speak. Subway contacted four of the six candidates in Jeanne-Mance–Viger to find out their opinion on the renovation of the viaducts and the installation of cycle paths. It was not possible to reach the candidates of the Parti Québécois and the Parti canadien du Québec.

Marie-Josée Forget, candidate for Québec solidaire, believes that “with a view to reducing our CO2it’s impossible not to want to change the way of getting around in the riding” and finds the requests of the City and the borough to the MTQ legitimate.

Julie De Martino, candidate for the Coalition avenir Québec, undertakes in the event of an election “to meet the initiators of the project and, if necessary, to support them in their dealings with the Government of Quebec”.

The outgoing Liberal MP, Filomena Rotiroti, maintains that in the event of re-election, she will support the Borough in its efforts. She adds that “what [lui] what matters is the safety of the people who are going to take the bike”.

Chakib Saad, of the Conservative Party of Quebec, thinks it is up to people to determine what is the best way to get around. “I don’t see why we wouldn’t be in favor of giving one more transportation option,” he says.

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