Critic of Couillard and sympathetic to QS, she is running for the Liberals in Arthabaska

The Liberals have chosen a former supporter of Québec solidaire who is very critical of the Couillard government to represent them in the riding of Arthabaska, in Centre-du-Québec.

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“My heart has always been liberal,” assures Luciana Arantes, who will be a candidate for the PLQ in Arthabaska, in an interview.

Immigrant of Brazilian origin, Arantes, however, campaigned with Quebec solidaire before the 2018 elections.

At that time, she even publicly wanted Philippe Couillard’s PLQ to be banned from power. “Out liberals,” she wrote on Twitter following the 2017 budget, along with a boxing gang emoticon. “The liberal takes us for granted. It finances the private sector with public money,” she argued.

Luciana Arantes

The current leader of the PLQ was then Minister of the Economy of this government. Luciana Arantes said she rather liked the “vision” of Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, a young candidate in the county of Gouin. According to her, he represented “the future of Quebec”. She said ex-QS co-spokesperson Françoise David was “inspiring” and praised Manon Massé on social media.

Luciana Arantes

In an interview, Arantes initially maintained that she “has never been a supporter of Quebec solidaire” or campaigned against the Liberals. She claimed to have written these tweets as part of her work as a journalist for Brasilian News.

no memory

The candidate finally admitted to our Parliamentary Office that, “in time”, “probably” she had these opinions. “I may have had this mentality (…) Under the circumstances, probably I saw something that I did not like,” she said, indicating that she had no memories. precise and that these are things of the past. “Currently, I believe there is only one alternative for Quebec and that is Dominique Anglade and the Liberal Party.”

She also indicated that she had already had discussions with Manon Massé for a future candidacy. “Today, in 2022, I am with the Liberal Party (…) I am an immigrant, I have lived in Arthabaska for more than 22 years and I have always voted for the Liberals”, indicates- she. Luciana Arantes lives in the Drummondville area and intends to carry out a campaign “in the field” and with agricultural producers in the region.

With Montreal Movement

Recently, Arantes was a candidate for the formation of Balarama Holness in Montreal in the last municipal elections. She met Mr. Holness through his work as a journalist, she says.

“I wanted to get involved and I wanted to have this first experience in politics,” she pleads, pointing out that she owned a property in Montreal because of work.

“In the end, I saw that we didn’t share the same ideas. That’s why I changed to the Liberals.”

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