Crave series on abortion: Éléonore Loiselle will play Chantale Daigle

The actress Eléonore Loiselle (“L’Échappée”, “The Goddess of Fireflies”) will play Chantale Daigle in Crave’s “Disobeir: Chantale Daigle’s Choice” series.

At the end of the 1980s, the young woman of 21 led a fight to be able to dispose of her own body; an issue still relevant since the Supreme Court of the United States overturned Roe v. Wade on abortion last June.

Antoine Pilon (“Between Two Sheets”, “Wild Life Manual”) will play Jean-Guy Tremblay, her ex-spouse who opposed the termination procedure.

The rest of the cast unveiled Thursday and led by director Alexis Durand-Brault includes Alex Bergeron, Émilie Bibeau, Alex Bisping, Simon Boudreault, Luc Bourgeois, Sylvie Dubé, Juliette Gosselin, Rachel Graton, Patrick Hivon, Denis Houle, Amélie Lafleur, Jean-François Pichette, Éric Robidoux, Joakim Robillard, Aubert Roch, Marie-Claude St-Laurent, David Strasbourg Andréanne Théberge, Julie Trépanier, Denis Trudel and Fabrice Yvanoff Senat.

Eleonore Loiselle

Daniel Thibault and Isabelle Pelletier, the duo who wrote the “Mirador” and “La vie parfait” series – and who participated in the writing of “Ruptures” –, created the screenplay and dialogues for “Disobeir: Chantale Daigle’s choice “.

Produced by ALSO Productions, in collaboration with Bell Media, the series currently in production will be available next spring on Crave.

Synopsis of “Disobey: The Choice of Chantale Daigle”

At the age of 21, Chantale Daigle fell in love and then pregnant with Jean-Guy Tremblay, a man who would prove to be manipulative and aggressive. After a stormy relationship, she leaves him, chooses to have an abortion… but Mr. Tremblay, wounded in his pride and eager to maintain their relationship, appeals to justice to prevent it. Against all odds, a judge ruled in favor of Mr. Tremblay, although the termination of pregnancy had been decriminalized a year earlier. The case revives the debate on abortion nationally and internationally. Having become the center of a media and political cyclone, Chantale Daigle sees her life turned upside down forever. Will she find the strength to assume her choice until the end?

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