ComediHa!: when Barrette shuts down

An unusual event occurred on Tuesday evening at the Capitol. For two hours, Michel Barrette said almost nothing on stage while comedians told anecdotes about him.

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Silence Quebec’s most tireless storyteller? Yes it’s possible. Michel Barrette even lent himself obediently to the game, without trying to interrupt anyone, on the occasion of the Grand bien-cuit organized for him by the ComediHa! Fest-Quebec.

“A moment of reward for all those who listened to you”, launched from the outset his great friend and host of the evening Gildor Roy.


The thousands of endless anecdotes that Michel Barrette likes to recount in length and breadth was a recurring subject of this evening which, like that devoted to Normand Brathwaite on Monday evening, turned out to be a very good vintage of nastiness lavished with love.

Coming directly from France, Michel Boujenah drove the point home by saying he dreamed during his plane trip that Barrette listened to him speak, without saying a word. “You shut your mouth. It was so beautiful”.

Billy Tellier

Photo Stevens Leblanc

Billy Tellier “cooked” the comedian.

JFK’s hair

Two guests in particular stood out. Billy Tellier collected the laughs by listing the celebrity-related items that Michel Barrette has been accumulating for years, from a hair of John F. Kennedy to a Marilyn Monroe phone account.


In particular, he questioned the relevance of holding certain artefacts, such as a scooter that belonged to Formula 1 champion Michael Schumacher. “It’s like having a Wayne Gretzky tennis racket. We don’t care…”

Laurent Paquin, expert in the well-cooked game, stirred up the crowd following his twisting rise of milk against the famous character of Hi Ha! Tremblay, born in Alma in 1983. “Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean has lived through worse than the deluge,” he cursed.


His son gets involved

The duo Dominic and Martin, his accomplice on the show For pleasure France Castel and Simon Delisle were also in attendance, as was her son Olivier, who said that when his incorrigible womanizer father introduced him to his younger girlfriend, Maude, he thought she was “his new illegitimate sister “.


Michel Barrette recovered during his right of reply which, surprisingly, only lasted 26 min and 20 s, according to our stopwatch. To his dismay, he said, his Olivier is the only one of his four sons who does not own a car. “A Barrette, at 38, no tank,” he was surprised.

You should have seen him start to survey the scene, the storyteller taking over from him, to humorously point out the shortcomings of his offspring when he takes the wheel. “The windows are never dirty because it’s not going fast enough to kill the flies,” he explained, before returning his microphone without spending all night there.

The series of Grands bien-cuits continues on Wednesday evening. The victim will be Martin Matte and the host, Fabien Cloutier.

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