ComediHa!: a well-cooked hilarious sex, drugs and rock and roll for Normand Brathwaite

Throughout his career, he has never been afraid to make fun of others, but as the first consenting victim of the series of Grands bien-cuits of ComediHa! Fest-Québec, Normand Brathwaite proved that he could also take the worst bad things with a smile.

However, nothing was spared him, Monday evening, at the Capitole Theater, his life of sex, drugs, alcohol and rock and roll providing ample material for his one-night tormentors to send him in the face of greens and not ripe .

Five days shy of 64e birthday, it was the party of the one who had long been without pity for his Turkish heads at Hot pepper.

The host Laurent Paquin was the first to pay the bill, he who had decided to sum up Brathwaite’s career from the youth show pumpkin pop to TV comedy big lifePassing by At Denise’swhere his Haitian accent was so bad it was cultural appropriation, he taunted.

Laurent Paquin hosted the evening.

Photo QMI Agency, René Baillargeon

Laurent Paquin hosted the evening.

A memory with Belgazou

It is impossible to summarize all the subjects covered by the guests/friends of Normand Brathwaite. Obviously, his arrest on the Jacques Cartier Bridge for drunk driving, his mania for showing his buttocks on stage and his sometimes gruff appearance in everyday life have been mentioned many times, as has his omnipresence on screen. .

“The one who opened all the doors for the people of my community, but who kept all the keys,” said Richardson Zéphyr on this subject.

We also knew that he loved women and that he accumulated many conquests. Maxim Martin, however, released the gossip of the evening by telling that his friend had made love with Belgazou in an allegorical float during a parade of the Carnival of Quebec.

“It was in a carriage,” Normand Brathwaite corrected him later, in general hilarity, without denying the anecdote.

Luce makes humor

Among the roasters, there were also expected names such as Yves P. Pelletier, Alex Perron, Réal Béland as well as the drag queen Mona de Grenoble.

Mona of Grenoble

Courtesy picture

Mona of Grenoble

Even if she is an old friend of Normand Brathwaite, the presence of Luce Dufault clashed among all his pros of humor. However, despite the fact that she was the novice of the group, the singer did very well.

Luce Dufault did well.

Photo QMI Agency, René Baillargeon

Luce Dufault did well.

She was funny and just pungent enough in a monologue where she enjoyed reminding Brathwaite of the time he said on TV that a radio manager wouldn’t play his songs because she didn’t. was “not potentially fuckable”.

The attraction that Luce Dufault exerts on men then occupied a good part of the response of Normand Brathwaite, who did not hide, once again, under the laughter, his crush on the one who had changed him a reworked version of Scotch nights.

It was a lot of intimate details, but it was also frankly hilarious, a good kick-off for the Grands bien-cuits which continues, Tuesday evening, with Michel Barrette in the seat of the roast and Gildor Roy at the animation .

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