Cheaters: when golf brings down the masks

The film follows the story of Hubert (Benoît Gouin), his lover Florence (Christine Beaulieu) and business partner and friend André (Steve Laplante), as they take part in a friendly round of golf by a handsome summer afternoon. The harmony of the trio is however threatened when Michel (Alexandre Goyette), a mysterious solitary golfer, joins the troop.

For 93 minutes, the four protagonists of Cheaters find themselves immersed in an open-air camera, the atmosphere of which is constantly more tense and heavy. Over the 18 holes of the golf course, everyone finds themselves confronted with their flaws, which are hidden under a thick layer of gloss.

A cynical comedy

In recent years, there have been many beautiful films which have a conscience, which have their hearts in the right place. I wanted to make a film that was a little more cynical, a little meaner, a little mischievous. That’s why my characters are morally handicappedsays Louis Godbout, who taught philosophy for 15 years.

I’m not a pessimistic cynic or a sad cynic, but I have a hard time taking virtue, or the claim to virtue, seriously. I speak from experience: when you do a bit of self-analysis, you can’t help laughing at yourself a little bit.he continues.

The choice to immerse his characters in the world of golf is not insignificant for Louis Godbout: he himself has been practicing this sport since he was very young.

A golf course has something of a metaphor, or a microcosm of the larger society, and it is a fantastic theater to see human passions at work.he believes.

If you want to get to know someone, take them to a golf course for four hours, and by the end of it, you’ll have a good feel for the character. »

A quote from Louis Godbout, screenwriter and director

Christine Beaulieu in the film “The cheaters”, by Louis Godbout

Photo: Rendez-vous Quebec Cinema

Of philosophy and golf

Louis Godbout also takes advantage of his feature film to shoot a few arrows at golf, a sport with which he maintains a relationship sometimes of love, sometimes of hatred. He admits, smirking, that wearing The cheaters at has been a form of therapy.

There is something ridiculous in this notion of spending four hours in nature, often beautiful nature, and being obsessed with a ballhe said.

Louis Godbout, who also wrote and directed Mount Foster (2019) goes from theory to practice in a way by combining the teaching of philosophy and cinema.

When you do philosophy, you have a lot to do with concepts, with language. And sometimes, by reflecting on concepts, we drift away from concrete lifesays Louis Godbout.

By writing, by scripting, I learn not only to look more closely at these things, but also to look at them in myself, and it’s a real challenge, but a challenge that I really like.

This text was written from interviews conducted by Claudia Hébert, cultural columnist on the show All one morningand Stéphanie Gagnon, cultural columnist on the show 15-18. Comments may have been edited for clarity and conciseness.

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