Celebration in Montreal North for the end of the work of the Pie-IX SRB

The Montreal-North Community Economic Development Corporation (CDEC) organized a free event on September 15 to celebrate the completion of the Pie-IX Boulevard Bus Rapid Service (SRB) project.

Animation, food, music and door prizes were on the agenda at the Center commercial Forest, in order to underline the approach of the end of the work of the Pie-IX SRB. The two years of construction have caused many headaches for the population of Montreal North and the owners of stores located near the commercial artery, but optimism is there for the future.

In interview with SubwayJean-François Gosselin, general manager of the CDEC Montréal-Nord, predicts a marked increase in traffic for the benefit of business owners, but also an increase in economic development in this borough perceived as inaccessible.

“One of the issues in Montreal North is the distance from employment areas. We are working to supply the manufacturing employment center and position the neighborhood in future niches, but we are definitely far from metro entrances and many people have to travel longer. The SRB will allow greater mobility and reduce travel times,” explains Mr. Gosselin.

Enrich local business

To mark the end of the work, the PME MTL Est-de-l’Île group took advantage of a stop at the Deli Forest restaurant to launch an entrepreneurial contest. The prize for this contest entitled “Your business on the fast lane” is an $85,000 grant, which will be awarded to a local business wishing to establish itself in Montreal North, or to a business already present which aspires to diversify its service offer.

The SRB Pie-IX is one of the reasons this initiative was launched. For Martin Saint-Pierre, director of commercial development for PME MTL Est-de-l’Île, Pie-IX Boulevard is “the gateway to Montreal” and constitutes an attractive axis of economic development that should be encouraged.

This strategic location is an opportunity for traders to be able to stand out and serve a local population by being both transit businesses. The contest will encourage new local businesses to establish themselves in the sector in addition to helping existing businesses to diversify their service offer.

Martin Saint-Pierre, Director of Business Development for PME MTL Est-de-l’Île

Many personalities were present at the event, including Mayor Christine Black.
Photo: David Beauchamp, Metro Media

For the Mayor of the Borough of Montréal-Nord, Christine Black, the realization of the SRB generates interesting prospects in terms of real estate development and urban planning.

“Real estate developers were in waiting mode, but for the past year, there has been a clear enthusiasm in Montreal North. For our part, we updated our Pie-IX Special Urban Planning Project (PPU) in order to bet on future constructions on the boulevard to green, put public spaces and redevelop the sector to the taste of the day, “says- she.

The SRB, a “little metro”

The borough mayor is also delighted with the extension of the blue line, which will further help the local population in their travels. “The eastern and central sectors will be connected with us and that will bring more mobility. We want to be connected downtown, yes, but we especially want to be connected to the east end of Montreal because there are a lot of job opportunities in this sector,” says Ms. Black.

“The stars are aligning. With the realization of the SRB, the realization of our PPU and the commercial competitions like the one launched today, we are sending a clear message: there are things happening in Montreal North and the fruit is ripe, “enthuses the mayor about the commercial craze in the district.

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