Canada Post suspends mail delivery without warning in Pointe-Saint-Charles

Due to major work, Canada Post has interrupted mail delivery on a section of rue Sébastopol in the Sud-Ouest borough. The problem? The Crown corporation did not notify the neighborhood or the City.

About two weeks passed before a resident of rue Sébastopol, Mathieu Murphy-Perron, noticed that he had received no mail at his home. Asked about this, neighbors immediately realized that their mailbox had been abnormally empty for several days.

Concerned, Mathieu Murphy-Perron then inquired with the Arrondissement du Sud-Ouest, which also did not seem to have been notified by Canada Post of a suspension of home mail delivery.

Then contacting the postal service company, the latter then confirmed that home delivery had indeed been interrupted on the section of rue Sébastopol between rue Le Ber and rue de la Congrégation.

Canada Post would have argued to Mr. Murphy-Perron that the major redevelopment project taking place there prevents letter carriers from going to the doors of residences and justifies the suspension of postal service to homes until the end of the work. scheduled for October, in accordance with the work notice shared with citizens by the Borough.

‘No one has been notified’

Mathieu Murphy-Perron believes that Canada Post should be more cooperative and notify the municipality before temporarily interrupting its mail service. Photo: Mathieu Murphy-Perron

In a telephone interview given to SubwayMathieu Murphy-Perron said he was concerned about the government corporation’s lack of proactivity in communicating with the population concerned.

“Canada Post told me that it is not its responsibility to inform people during a service suspension. I suggested that she could at least contact the borough in such circumstances, but I was told “it’s not our policy”. For her, it is up to residents to contact Canada Post to find out about the state of the service,” he explains.

Mr. Murphy-Perron therefore decided to warn his neighbors himself by distributing notices at the doors of residences.

“Mail is an essential service and I couldn’t imagine not informing the people concerned,” he said.

Canada Post makes its mea culpa

Although Valérie Chartrand of Canada Post’s media relations department reminds us that the temporary interruption of mail delivery to addresses on rue de Sébastopol is justified because of construction and security issues, she assures us that Canada Post agrees to bear his share of the blame.

“We apologize to all customers in the affected area who were not notified of this service interruption. We are trying to understand how this could have happened and we will do everything we can to better inform the population in the future.

A “not very safe” alternative

Wellington Street and its non-sidewalk side en route to the Bridge Street Post Office. Photo: Mathieu Murphy-Perron

For now, street residents are forced to pick up their mail at a post office located at 225 Bridge Street, about a 20-minute walk “on a route that is not very safe”, estimates the resident of Pointe-Saint-Charles.

The latter is particularly worried about his older neighbors, especially those who do not drive.

Mathieu Murphy-Perron affirms that “the section of Wellington and Bridge is not designed for pedestrians, especially with the constant presence of heavy goods vehicles from Ray-Mont Logistiques”, a company located nearby.

“The area is also poorly served by public transit,” he says.

An ‘uncomfortable’ situation

Mayor Benoit Dorais’ office said by email that the current situation seems to them “inconvenient, especially for the elderly or people with reduced mobility”.

Made aware of the problem, Mayor Dorais reportedly “quickly called on Canada Post on the issues raised by the temporary interruption of postal service, asking them to assess alternative scenarios for maintaining home service, and offering them the full Southwest collaboration.

At the time of publication of this article, the Borough was still awaiting a response from Canada Post.

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