Brave people 140 m above the ground at the Stadium

Warning (imagine Infoman’s voice): Dizzy souls, this video might send shivers down your spine!

The Olympic Park gave an update on the progress of the renovations of the Montreal Tower Observatory in a video, and shivers ran down our spines at the sight of the workers crouching on steel joists coming out of the Tower … in the void!

You need nerves of steel to work on scaffolding 140 m above the ground!

“Everything is assembled by hand, without cranes,” says project manager Bernard Roy in the video.

Currently, the team of workers is renovating the skylights of the Observatory, which required the construction last spring of a cantilevered scaffolding, the extension of which was in nothingness. Let’s repeat it, you certainly didn’t have to be acrophobic to get busy!

Another major difficulty: the valiant team must show a cardio of fire since it must climb on foot, at each quarter, the 20 floors which separate it from the top of the tower, since the funicular is closed.

An extraordinary challenge, like the Olympic Stadium, for workers who are fearless!

The new Tower plans to reopen to the public between fall 2023 and spring 2024.

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