Björk is preparing a “mushroom album” for this fall

Icelandic singer Björk will release her 10th album Fossora this fall, according to The Guardian. The opus was influenced by the death of his mother, confinement to Reykjavík and gabber, a particularly aggressive genre of Dutch electronic music.

But above all, Fossora – which means gravedigger in Latin – is inspired by the world of mushrooms, as Björk explains to the Guardian.

This is my mushroom album. It’s like I’m digging a hole in the ground. This time I live with moles and I’m truly one with the earthshe explained in a metaphorical tirade.

Björk describes a track from the album made with the Indonesian duo Gabber Motus Operandi as biological techno.

The album also includes two songs dedicated to the mother of the 56-year-old musician, environmental activist Hildur Rúna Hauksdóttir, who died in 2018. On a track made with Serpentwithfeet, we can also hear the voices of Björk’s two children.

The artist describes his previous album Utopia (2017) as a pacifist, idealist album, with flutes, synthesizers and birds. With Fossorashe wants to show what life is like in this little paradise.

Let’s see what it’s like when you step into this fantasy world and have lunch, fart, and do normal things like meet your boyfriends and girlfriends.

Björk also plans to launch a podcast on her discography later this year.

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