Benjamin Biolay is back with the album Saint-Clair

The name refers to the Saint-Clair mountain, in France, at the foot of which is nestled Sète, a seaside town where he spent his youthful summers and where he has now had a house for about fifteen years.

The dark-voiced artist is not on his first thematic album, a formula that has served him well in the past. His work Grand Prizeinspired by motor racing, earned him the title of male artist in 2021 at the Victoires de la Musique in France, in addition to winning the record trophy of the year.

With the 16 songs of St. Clair – as well as a 29-second introduction – , Benjamin Biolay, 49, sings of love and desire, city lights and sand, all accompanied by guitars and keyboards with sounds that are sometimes rock, sometimes disco. A few ballads also dot the album.

In addition to his solo career, which has seen him release 10 albums in twenty years, Benjamin Biolay has also signed the titles of several hit songs by other artists, such as those on the album Room with a view by Henry Salvador. In Quebec, he collaborated with Isabelle Boulay.

His last visit to the Belle Province dates back to 2017.

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