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For the start of the school year, Émile Cardinal offers two strong beers.PHOTO: Radio-Canada / Titouan Bussiere

It’s Friday, it’s the aperitif chronicle, and for the occasion, the co-owner of Bières depot au Vent du Nord, Émile Cardinal, is offering two Grands Crus, to celebrate the start of the new school year in style.

Autumn is slowly coming, the season for stronger and darker beers is just around the cornerexplains Émile Cardinal on the show Vivement le retour.

Here are the two beers stronger recommended by him:

  1. Double IPA du Nord, Microbrasserie LTM, 8%: “Our fifth beer in our 20th anniversary series arrived this week. And we are very proud of it! A real nice bitter, fruity and tasty DIPA. As far as IPAs are concerned, for some time now, the enthusiasm has always been for the same breweries and sometimes we forget that old microbreweries, well established for a long time, have cleared the ground and worked very hard to pave the way for the little new . This is the case of the brewery Les Trois Mousquetaires, which has long been a leader in terms of IPA. This beer is inspired by one of their old creations which, in the past, literally had crowds running! »
  2. Scotch Ale, Brasserie Beauregard, 15%: “Scotch Ale are already rather strong, rich and syrupy beers; but very rarely above 10%. Beauregard pushed the note to the maximum here to give us a drink with rich flavors of caramel, fudge and cooked fruit; on a very warm finish in alcohol. To sip very slowly in the evening, well crushed on your couch or by the fire. »