An immigrant develops a device to correctly measure blood pressure

This device commonly used to measure blood pressure gives slightly different results depending on the brand and model. The reason, explains Dr. Bustillos Cepeda, is that these devices are not calibrated correctly nor universally.

Additionally, sphygmomanometers were developed in much the same way as devices used to measure air pressure, like you do to measure the air inside a tireadds the surgeon. The pressure is not stable inside a blood vessel because blood is constantly circulating there, which is not the case with the air which remains stable inside a tirehe illustrates.

Dr. Jesús Bustillos Cepeda hopes that this research will revolutionize the world of medicine.

Photo: Radio-Canada

It was while treating patients with diabetes that he realized that sphygmomanometers did not provide reliable results, depending on the device used. This can cause problems in terms of diagnosis, but also in terms of treatments for doctors, he says.

Knowing that cardiovascular diseases are one of the main causes of mortality, it is important to focus on these issuesindicates the one who decided to concentrate his efforts in the development of a blood pressure measuring device that would be universal and in accordance with the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM).

Canada as a land of welcome and innovation

Dr. Jesús Bustillos Cepeda encountered several administrative challenges in his home country. This is why he turned to Canada to pursue his project.

He and his family settled in Orléans, where they felt very well received by the community, says the surgeon. He has also made his quest a family affair, since these three children collaborate in the development of his project.

We feel safe here, adds the one who only speaks Spanish. His daughter, Angelica, served as an interpreter for the interview.

A painting in an office.

The device developed by Dr. Jesús Bustillos Cepeda is explained on this chart at the Tungsten Collaborative offices in Ottawa.

Photo: Radio-Canada

I have received a lot of support since my arrival. I’m really grateful. »

A quote from Dr Jesus Bustillos Cepeda

Today, the surgeon is well supported and continues his research with several partners, including the Ottawa Hospital, Invest Ottawa, the Canadian Intellectual Property Office, as well as Tungsten Collaborative, an engineering consulting firm. who specializes in product development.

It makes me really proud to be able to help her. We have a lot of work to do and it’s just the beginning of the project, but we are making progress!says Bill Dicke, president of Tungsten Collaborative.

A patent has already been obtained for the research of Dr. Jesús Bustillos Cepeda, but it is impossible to know for the moment when the device will enter the market.

With information from Rebecca Kwan

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