Allegations Against Win Butler: Feist Leaves Arcade Fire Tour

Feist had been hired to open for the European leg of the tour. Wefrom Arcade Fire, which launched in Dublin on Tuesday.

The kick-off of the tour was given just a few days after the revelations of the specialized site Pitchfork, which reported the remarks of four people claiming to have had inappropriate sexual contact with the 42-year-old musician between 2015 and 2020.

Radio-Canada has not verified these allegations, and no formal charges have been filed.

Called to comment on the allegations, the musician responded in a statement, released through New York-based public relations expert Risa Heller.

In the written statement, he admitted to having had sex with each of the four people, but maintained that it was consensual and that he did not initiate it.

In a post on social media, Feist claimed she was already in a pub in Dublin when she heard about the allegations. She will have played for the first two concerts planned in Ireland.

In a pub in Dublin, after practicing with my band, I read the same headline as you. We had no time to prepare for what was to come, let alone take the chance of deciding to fly over the ocean in the heart of the storm.explained the singer and musician on Facebook.

It was incredibly difficult for me, and I can’t imagine how difficult it was for the people who spoke out publicly. More than anything, I wish healing to those affected.

Misconduct and Sexual Assault

According to Pitchfork, three of the victims were Arcade Fire fans aged 18 to 23 when they first interacted with the musician, between 2016 and 2020. They claim he behaved inappropriately towards them.

A fourth person, who identifies as non-binary, alleges that Win Butler sexually assaulted her twice in 2015. First in a car, and another time when he showed up at her door despite his text messages warning him not to come.

Pitchfork reviewed screenshots of Instagram texts and messages. People close to them said they recalled being told about the alleged incidents.

A Radio-Canada program changes its program

Several Canadian radio stations have announced that they have stopped broadcasting the group’s music due to the allegations against its singer.

At CBC, it was thus made known that the songs of the Montreal group would no longer run on the CBC Music station, nor on the CBC Radio 3 channel, on the side of the Sirius XM service. For its part, ICI Musique affirmed that it was situationally sensitive and followed the events closely, leaving however the care of the teams to decide on the music broadcast in their programs.

This work of musical editorial judgment is naturally done in connection with the contextwe added.

The show In orbithosted by Claudine Prévost, had also planned a program revolving around Arcade Fire for Saturday, but the team claimed to have modified its program and chosen another artist.

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